Mother's Day 2017

Being a mother is just not in the cards for me and I have recently come to grips with that. As a product of divorce and my lovely dating track record, I do not wish having an innocent go thru what I went thru if I have anything to do with it.  I'm OK with being a puppy momma to Bevo and an aunt to my several nieces and nephews.

Yesterday, I met up with our former Pastry Chef, Michelle, at her baby's first birthday party in San Bruno. It was a windy day and I had to stand in the sun. It was nice to catch up and know that she'll be A-OK after DW. Gabe is her first baby. He's a cutie and is smiling a lot more.

Then I spent time with my best friend and my niece and nephew. I treated her to a quick beauty session at the mall and a 'fancy' dinner at The Habit. We sang Moana songs in the car and had some Snapchat fun. Christy works so hard, is a good mom and does basically everything for the kids. I tried to do what I can to make sure she knows she's loved on Mother's Day, even though we did it one day before.

Spontaneously, I ended up a the Grand Opening of Dirty Bird in Hayward thanks to a text received by my Cousin Leslie. She was there because our friend Peter knows one of the samba dancers they were having. I had no idea the Dirty Bird was there. I always saw when I drove down Mission but never went. It's a pretty cool spot. I'll have to try their food some time. They had a fried chicken sandwich and empanadas. I was super full from The Habit so I just stuck with water.

My Cousin Leslie has three children with the youngest being 8 months old. I haven't met Logan yet. But soon! She's going to school, working full time and definitely has her hands full.

Today, on actual Mother's Day,  I took my Lola to church and then went to A'trio at the Marriott in Walnut Creek. The experience was pretty terrible with the busser setting the table throwing a spoon in front of Lola and roughly putting down semi-clean coffee mugs top-side down on the table. Servers were yelling across the dining room floor at each other. Our Server, Mimi, was nice but I had a 12:30 PM reservation and they pulled the buffet at that time. Thank goodness we arrived early to get some food. We were offered the lunch menu but no offer to have whatever we wanted at a discount or comped price. Why would they offer a 12:30 PM reservation on Opentable if the food wasn't going to be offered. They also charged a 20% service charge for three people. I can't say I'll ever take important women like my Lola and my sister there ever again. The topping on the cake was that I asked for a special events packet from the front desk. They told me they didn't have any and that I should come back tomorrow. As an Event Planner and part owner of a Restaurant, how hard is it to have this information readily available? It's kind of mind blowing how awful that experience was at a popular, international hotel chain.

Nonetheless, I was there to spend time with my family. My sister will be moving to North Carolina soon so holidays like this will be few and far between.

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These are Wonder Women in my eyes. They are all different, have different responsibilities and challenges but they have chosen to take their role as a mother, own it and do what they can for their children. Cheers to you!


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