LLB 2016 - Napa & Saratoga. +RIP Christina Grimmie

Work has been crazy busy and I was prepping myself for my Event Manager's departure. We had non-stop events and I didn't take a day off for 19 days. The Los Lonely Boys concert in Napa, California at the Uptown Theatre was the perfect reason to take a day off. It also fell on a Friday.

I met up with my friend, Maria, and her boyfriend, Gabriel, at one of many wine bars we visited that day. It was great to be social, get out of town and be in Napa. As soon as I saw the vines on the highway, I felt like I could breathe. I'm way too far to turnaround if there's an emergency at work so I was going to make the best of my much needed day off.

I indulged in wine, cheese and crackers, mac and cheese, a salad, cornbread and chocolate in our little Downtown Napa tour. When you need a snack, consider checking out Napkins and check in on Yelp. You get complimentary guacamole or cornbread. You know which one I went with.

Besides wine, my Los Lonely Boys make me happy. After drinking wine all afternoon, being full and 19 days straight of work, my energy level was low. Normally we have friends that join us and we take over a few seats in the front. I was in the third row near Henry, while Maria and Gabriel were on Jojo's side. I didn't know anyone around me and honestly, I wasn't my bubbly self and chit chatting with everyone and handing out swag. But when the Boys came on stage and started playing, I just stared up and had a simple smile on my face. It made me miss my Onda by the Bay friends and how things used to be. We all used to go grab dinner before a show, we would find out who wants to go to shows and buy tickets so we can sit together, and we'd coordinate traveling together. I miss that.

The Boys definitely know most of us but I miss the good ol' days. I don't hang out by the bus after the concert at a chance to get a hug. I feel lucky as it is with the time I have been able to spend with them. I guess I'm offering up other fans to go and say hello.

However, maybe I shouldn't. The news this morning about 22-year-old Christina Grimmie made me sad (CNN news article.) She was a YouTube sensation and finished third on The Voice. It wasn't even a season that I watched because Christina Aguilera wasn't on it, but my roommate popped his head in my room one night saying I needed to see this girl do Elvis' 'Can't Help Falling in Love.' He knows I love The King. And it is AMAZING. Last night, she was shot and killed by a fan after a concert in Orlando, Florida. Her next concert was going to be right here in San Francisco on the 15th at a venue called Chapel. My good friend and OndaRoadMate, Tasina, have become great friends because of the Boys. We are big fans and friends of the Boys that we cared deeply when Henry had his fall, when JoJo had to take time to heal his throat and when their mother recently passed away. The Boys have had years of entertaining fans all over the world and we are lucky that a senseless act like what Christina Grimmie has fallen a victim to has not happened to them. Christina was just sharing her talent and making a difference in this world, making people smile and fundraising for the organizations she supported. The Boys do the same thing. I wouldn't have seen them 69 times if what they did didn't make me happy and bring so much joy to my life. I pray that the Boys are kept safe. My heart goes out to the family and friends of Christina Grimmie. Here is THE BEST remake of the Elvis song.

RIP Christina Grimmie

The poster
The Boys seemed like they were having a good time up there. No new songs and I haven't heard of any rumors of a new album. Regardless, it never gets old.

I was lucky enough to get parking right outside the theater. After the concert, I saw people standing by my car taking photos. I have LNLYBYS as my license plate. I jokingly told them that it would cost them $5 per picture. As I was leaving, a guy came to my window saying that he loved it. Me too!

Met this couple from Lodi while at Napkins. He got a drumtick!
The next time I saw the Boys was on Memorial Day Weekend in Saratoga, California at the Mountain Winery. Once again, I had the day off, but I was still tired from a long week where 6-days a normal work week. I have seen them plenty of times at this venue and it is a pretty penny. Not as expensive at Wente Vineyards in Livermore, California but when you add $20 parking and wine to it, it adds up. I can't say I enjoy their food very much so I normally eat beforehand.

Again, the Boys were having a great time up there and sounded great. The seats were super filled and they didn't play nearly as long as they were the opening act for War. I saw that their father was at the venue. It was funny to see a security guard ask him to head back to his seat or something, then the explanation of who he was made the security guard laugh and back off. After the Boys' set, I said hello to their father, Enrique. I asked him if he remembered me and he said 'of course.' He was very funny and it was nice to be able to say hello to him.

Until the next time, Boys. Be safe.

See my full LLB concert log HERE.


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