Beer Pairing Dinner - Drake's Brewing Co.

DW has monthly beer pairing dinners that are typically held on the last Sunday of the month. Our very first one was with Mother Earth and it went very well. The Founder was awesome, helpful and great with our customers.

This past Sunday, April 24th, we had local brewery, Drake's Brewing Company come down with their Brewmaster, John. He and his wife, Natasha, and their Sales Rep, Max, came down, had dinner with us and spoke with any of guests that partook of the special menu with pairings.

Before dinner began, I had my staff of servers, host and my kitchen crew that created this delicious menu come and get knowledgable on the FIVE beers that were available. John gave additional information like some background on the brewery, how the beer was made and why it pairs well with dishes our kitchen has created. I posted a little video of it on SnapChat.

We also had a firkin to tap and offer to guests. It was and IPA made with Highwire coffee in Berkeley. One of our first events at DW was Drake's Aromacoma event. We had many people in attendance and I have video of that speech and tapping of that firkin as well.

The Drake's team had dinner and Courtney and I do too. The Lamb Belly BLTA was our favorite course. Then the Slow Roasted Leg of Lamb was excellent and the Ice Cream Cookie seems so simple but was stacked high.

Of course we had to blow up Rachel's SnapChat, a fellow coworker, with photos like this! Because that's just us.

Of the beer, I enjoyed the Stout the best. It was high in ABV. Please and thank you.

It was great to chat with Max a bit more about the brewery, Game of Thrones and music. He shared with me exactly why breweries can't market themselves certain ways and it's quite a shame. They have a great following. I wish more folks could have partaken of this delicious food pairing menu that will never be recreated.

Come by for future beer pairing dinners. Please see our Facebook page for event details. Some of the beer on the list are beers you can't get anywhere else in SanFrancisco right now. Add that to your Untappd list! I did! Let's be friends - 'bappletree'

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