Hell On Wheels

I was able to take my Christmas present to myself out for the first time today. I was so excited! It was a probably 15-minute ride around my sister's neighborhood in Bethel Island but was able to reach 55 mph on the long strips. The forecast called for rain but I brought my gear just in case it didn't start raining yet and I was so lucky because soon after my ride, it started to rain.

This what a happy girl looks like:

I didn't know my sis took video of me taking off but it wasn't cool whatsoever because it was the first time I've ridden it! I didn't gun it, nor did I think the foot rests were as forward as they were.  When I'm more confident on it, the videos might be worth publicly posting but for now they're just on my personal and private Facebook page. But here's a still:

Cannot wait to possibly ride tomorrow and continue my Hell On Wheels adventures. Can't wait to also ride with many friends that ride, male and those bad @ss women.

I'm a defensive driver as it is but look out for motorcyclists! It might just be me! Thanks in advance!


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