Private Party Vendor from Brentwood, Met in SF

As per my Yelp review below, I just realized that Juanita and Tako Bar Catering was from Brentwood after reading a local person's page on Yelp. It's funny because we both worked a private event in San Francisco yesterday. I'm surprised that the conversation of where were both located didn't come up! Regardless. I definitely recommend their services.

How funny that Juanita is also from Brentwood. I arrived at a private party where I was to assist and bartend at in San Francisco. Juanita and her team were cooking away and it smelled fantastic. They made this watermelon and strawberry juice that was amazing! It was a big hit at the party and if you add some vodka or Malibu Rum, it’d add a little something special to it. The party hosts had plenty of wine left over because people just loved this juice!

I had a pupusa for the first time. My sister has cravings for it but I have never had it. Theirs were so good, made from scratch and gave you an option of just cheese, or with cheese and beans with it. It is then topped with a cabbage salad and given the option for mild or hot. The guests were loving the hot sauce so I HAD to try it, and it was something amazing. After she left, lingering guests were inquiring after the hot sauce and if she had left some behind. She unfortunately took her ‘secret sauce’ with her. They also made quesadillas, had guacamole, sour cream, salad, rice and steamed veggies. It was all so very good and it seemed to be reasonably priced. I look forward to working with her again some day.
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