Officer Beats Cat vs. Saving a Life

Article - Officer Beats Cat
Courtesy of Peta

An officer was called to assist a cat that was hit by a car. Instead of taking it to a nearby vet hospital, he decides to club it to death. Given the article does not state that he has a veterinary background as well as in public service, but was it his call? He didn't give the cat a chance. Had the officer been hit by a car, he would have been rushed to a hospital. This is just crazy. I would have picked up the cat as gently as possible and rushed it to a nearby hospital. If this was my Bevo, I would rather not have the 'help' of this Officer and take care of my baby myself!

This reminds me of a summer day in Pacheco, CA in 2001 I believe. I was leaving my condo for some reason or another. In between upper units, there is an awning and a sky light. I found on my doormat a little bird, slightly breathing. I believe it was struggling to go towards the light and exhausted itself. I am so glad I didn't step on it! I gently picked it up, placed it in a Tupperware container I had sitting on the counter (without the lid of course) and tried to figure out what to do with it. I researched online for a bird rescue and came across The Lindsay Wildlife Museum in Walnut Creek, CA. I called for instructions at first so I didn't waste any time going down there when they were just going to send me to another place. But they told me to bring the bird down. So I did and left the little guy in good hands. I didn't follow up with them but I'm sure they took good care of him.

*Photo from Lindsay Wildlife Museum website

Two different people, two different reactions. It's so sad that a trained professional that society needs to believe would "save and protect" would do something like that to an injured animal.

What is your take on law enforcement officials? In your experience, do they go above the call of duty? Or do you feel they do just the bare minimum?
Have you saved an animal?


  1. As a cat lover and owner, that story breaks my heart and outrages me. It's sick the way people can be so cruel to animals. Good for you to take the time to save that poor bird.


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