My Lolo

That's what I call my grandfather. Apparently he's been sick for a month. He was sick when I saw him this past Father's Day and although my father ordered him his favorite (Sweet and Sour Pork), he didn't have an appetite to eat much. And he didn't want any rice. That's surprising. Lolo loves 'kanin' (rice, in Tagalog).

I received an email this morning from my sister that he had a 108 fever last night and went to the ER but there were so many people there he wasn't seen. So he's back there now and is being monitored. When I can leave work, I'll head over to the hospital or to their house. I hope he feels better.

Here we are getting back from Hawaii in 2006
Lolo, Shanti, Me, Nolan, Lola, Matt & Mike

Lolo used to always just pat my shoulder and say "OK" in response to my hug and telling him I love him. He's been saying it back for the past couple of years now. Tell your loved ones you love them every chance you get. It only takes a second.


  1. I hope your Lolo feels better too!

  2. Thank you, Danielle. He is now home and on antibiotics. We said he's not allowed to get sick anymore. We need him at my wedding next year.


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