Looking for a Few Good Fans

I have been a member of the Los Lonely Boys Street Team called La Onda for basically six years now and have made several wonderful friends, traveled many miles together and shared many memories (LLB-related and non). As I am living in the San Francisco Bay Area, we are looking for new members to join the NorCal chapter called Onda by the Bay (OBTB). We promote the band, the concerts and the music out of the goodness of our hearts for the love of Henry, JoJo and Ringo Garza and their music. We do so by making our own swag, handing it out to other fans at concerts, to our friends and family, re-post news and photos on Facebook, Twitter and on bulletin boards. We do not do this to get closer to the Boys or to get ‘special’ benefits such as free tickets or meet-and-greets, but the Boys do appreciate everything we have done as a group and it is definitely recognized. You could call us die-hard fans. If you are too and are located in the Bay Area, we’d love to meet you! If you are not located in the Bay Area, we can direct you to a group that’s closes to you. We'd love to keep La Onda growing.

Our group ranges in ages from tweens to 70s even! We come from a variety of ethnic backgrounds, social statuses, educational backgrounds and cities in Northern California such as Redding, Napa, Santa Cruz, Watsonville, Fremont, San Jose, Morgan Hill, Brentwood, and Antioch. We like the diversity and we’d like you to join in the mix! We get together to make swag, celebrate birthdays and holidays, or even to watch Dancing with the Stars because we've become great friends.

There is no concert attendance tally requirement and no $$$ requirement - Just genuine love for The Boys, your participation in discussions concerning the group and The Boys as much as you can (we understand that LIFE happens), and if possible, a donation to produce agreed upon swag that you are entitled to receive a portion of to distribute. Each of us take the responsibility of our own travel arrangements for shows, obtaining/purchasing of tickets and spots in line for general admission concerts, and costs of meals on group outings. But we always work together towards the goal is to have a good time and promote The Boys.

If this is of some interest, please contact me and let’s chat! Don’t be afraid to approach us at an upcoming concert… actually, we might approach you first to take home a piece of swag to hang on your fridge, cubicle at work or even to give to someone you know that wished they could’ve been at that concert. We’re a friendly group, love talking about The Boys, the music and just having a good time. See!
Blues Festival in Guerneville, California – 2008

Sparks, Nevada – 2010

KaBoom at San Francisco, California – 2009

Saratoga, California – 2008

Las Vegas, Nevada – 2009

AND our first & only OBTB meet and greet with The Boys – In Murphys, California at Ironstone Vineyards 2006

I hope to hear from you!!!



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