#250KChallenge2018- Week 4

Doing a fitness challenge while on vacation? Normally this One Busy Bee is all about it! I hit the gym almost everyday aboard Holland America Line’s Oosterdam a couple of months ago. This time, not so good! But it’s about the bounce back! I don’t stay down for long and I tried to get back to it once I landed back in California. But here’s Week 4. It wasn’t pretty but it wasn’t a complete disaster. How’s every body else doing?

Recovery from the night before took place and I wanted to get as much from our last day in Barcelona. We walked a few miles to the soccer stadium. Unfortunately, I missed the last game of the season that took place on Saturday. We then took a cab to La Ramblas. Court Court has never been. Our first stop was coffee. This restaurant had carbonara on the menu. Since our trip to Italy, I have never found a carbonara dish remotely close to it. We walked around a bit more and Court Court was not feeling well so we just went back to the AirBNB. We had dinner plans at a Michelin Star restaurant that evening. Dinner was fantastic and cheap for so much food! Besides the walking, this One Busy Bee did not work out.

Not being able to sleep the night before, I stayed up and watched a lot of videos on YouTube. We had a layover in London and the confusion and long walk to our connecting flight and more definitely got us to 10,000 steps on my FitBit. We had lunch at the airport and that was tasty. Unfortunately, Norwegian doesn’t feed you so I would recommend ordering food to take on the plane. That’s what I did! By this time, we were both feeling like and just wanted to get home.  Not on a great work schedule, I was down to do a Wag Walk for my favorite clients in my own town. Sir Bruno got big!! Glad to get even more steps in. That helped.

It was my Wedding Wednesday. But first I hit the gym to at least do cardio to get back into it. No pic unfortunately. I met up with my Bride, Nikki, and we toured her new office space where she will be teaching Spanish. Look her up if you’re looking for one-on-one assistance. She’s amazing and I love supporting other female entrepreneurs.

As my Bride, we also checked out her wedding venue in Healdsburg, California. If you’re looking for an affordable, outdoor space near a lake, let’s talk!

Then, we followed it with more chatting over a discounted fish bowl at Guy Fieri’s restaurant, Tex Wasabi. It’s pretty delicious. I like some BBQ in my sushi. Nothing’s wrong with that.

I did hit the gym but couldn’t find a pic or record of what I did. Blogger fail, right? 

I definitely hit the gym before working a Concierge shift at the beautiful Sir Francis Drake Hotel near Union Square in San Francisco. It was nice to lift some weights. I had plans of going on a hike with Kim in the morning so I didn’t do legs

At work, I got a tour of the property and posted this pic of their grand ballroom on Instagram. Kimpton liked it so much they asked if they can share it. Of course!!! Now if only I could get paid to do exactly that!

Feeling pretty tired, I almost cancelled on Kim for the hike. BUT she’s gotten up early to go to a class with me at 8 am one weekend morning. So I couldn’t cancel on her. And I’m glad I did! Look at that view!

I had to work and met up with my Best Friend and my niece and nephew. My nephew was about to start baseball at 6 years old and I entertained my niece with doing yoga with her. Not our best but hey, we’re moving. And that’s the problem nowadays with kids. They have iPads and iPhones in their hands that they don’t want to go outside and be active. I encourage that with my Little Loves. I hope you do this with children in your life too.

Onto Week 5!


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