#250KChallenge2018 - Week 2

Week 2 was tough. I was just getting over bronchitus and I had to start a new job so my schedule was off and I had to try to fit in a work out whenever I could without overdoing it.  My new job had me training at different locations in San Francisco and I made it a point to walk to these locations to get my FitBit steps in and to get some movement in instead of waiting on the street for a street car. My diet wasn’t great either but I did what I could.

Walked from Embarcadero Bart Station along the Embarcadero to Pier 39. On the way, I geeked out about seeing the Grand Princess cruise ship by Princess Cruises docked at Pier 27. I am almost done with the Princess Academy and cannot wait to sell my first vacation to my friends, family and clients. 

Pier 39 was a place I don’t typically go to as a local. As kids, we used to go there when family from Southern California would come up to visit. This time, I was touring the pier like a tourist and learning more about my own backyard. Part of this new job as a Concierge is also working at the California Welcome Center. It was nice to get paid for learning and seeing what has changed over the years at Pier 39. I had an overpriced parfait at almost $9 at Boudin but received complimentary fish and chips at Pier Market. I liked it but hands down, the fish and chips were delicious in Dublin, Ireland. And that was only at the airport! Fried food, I know. But it was free!

I got some extra steps in with my boss and another colleague that was hired at the same time I was. She showed us the wine tasting boat, the sea lion center, who we do and do not have partnerships with and even an American Cup sailboat that people can take a tour on and even help sail the boat! Anyone up for an adventure? I get a bit sea sick so unfortunately, I won’t be able to personally speak on this offering but it sounds amazing. I would totally take advantage of having this experience if I didn’t have any issues.

More free food for breakfast and lunch at the Park Central Hotel as a Concierge. Oh my! I must confess. I had bacon...and a chocolate croissant. Oh, they’re my weakness! However, I got a few steps in as well here as I had to walk the neighborhood to find businesses such as barbershops, tailors, spas, etc. I came across the new ramen restaurant called Ippudo right behind the hotel and next door to The Press Club. I stopped into The Press Club to see if anything has changed and I have to give it to them. During the day, they offer up their gorgeous space as a place to work, for a fee of course. Park Central does not have a business center and there are so many digital nomads and people in town for business that do not just want to work in their hotel room with questionable wi-fi. I think this was a smart move.

A not-so-smart move on my end was staying out too late with wonderful people at the San Francisco Magazine party in SOMA (South of Market). It was the first time I saw some restaurant industry folks since I left DW in October. I had a great time and made new friends. I also did a drive by to DW while on my way to Civic Center Bart (getting those FitBit steps in!) and saw some of the OG staff of mine, plus Nick, my singing partner in the office. It was a good night and I do not regret having a social evening and not doing #250KChallenge2018-approved things.

I did work out! At home. Again. But at least I did something! I was headed up to Napa to celebrate my dear friend’s birthday and to discuss her upcoming wedding! Yes, that’s six weddings for 2018 alone. We went to Bouchaine Vineyards, Liana Estates, Domaine Chandon and had a Napa Valley Restaurant Week dinner at Compline to help continue to support Napa Valley post the wild fires. Liana Estates was delicious and I loved their style in decor, their lovely lady in the tasting room and how you can cupcake pairings, go outside and play bocce, etc. Dinner at Compline was OK. I saw the restaurant on my feed when my Winemaker friend, Bridget Raymond, said she would be in attendance for NVRW. We had the three-course dinner with wine pairings. The butternut squash soup was hands down my favorite. The friend chicken didn’t have the thick, crunchy skin you hope for when you’re being bad during a fitness challenge and the cookie was so-so. I donated that to my roommate when I got home. The next day, this Pinay added a lot of vinegar to Course 2. A fun day in the rain and great company. Did I mention I worked out at home earlier that day?

It was another training day at Park Central. Free bacon. I know!!! Don’t judge me. Tired from getting in way past my moving target of a bedtime I didn’t work out that day. A meeting with a Bride and Groom took place at Drake’s Dealership in Oakland at 8:30 PM. That’s late for me but it needed to happen. I didn’t order a beer but did have a slice of pizza, only because it was free. Our Server forgot to put in the order.

Work consisted of being a tourist and walking all the way to basically The Argonaut Hotel from Montgomery Bart Station. I got quite a few steps in that day. My coworker and I experienced the City Sightseeing Hop On and Hop Off bus. We made stops on the Marin side of the Golden Gate Bridge, which I have never done. And had time in Sausalito and had a salad and clam chowder at the Barrel House Tavern with a great view. I was thinking about getting a cocktail but I resisted.  Can I get a pat on the back?   Another meeting at 8:30 PM for another Bride and Groom took place in San Leandro. I was tired.

Another long round trip walk to The Argonaut Hotel from Bart. I have friends that live nearby that say they wouldn’t even do that walk. But, since I’m not getting a regular work out in, I need to get some steps in at least! My FitBit is definitely getting fed.

I fed myself a cheese and meat toasted ‘wrap’ if you will, and a Caesar Salad which needed some acid to it and the delicious crab and corn chowder from The Blue Mermaid, also located in the hotel. The chowder had a little kick to it so no need for a couple of drops of Tobasco like I normally do. What was added was more steps as I toured the area around the hotel such as the park across the street, The Fairmont, Ghiradelli Square and the maritime museum. I topped that off with a walk to Bart, picking up my dog, then my Bride and Groom and headed to Fort Bragg. 

Not to brag, but I have definitely had my share of Denny’s. The Fort Bragg location had stepped up their game! The service was friendly and they had skillets, great deals and even a cake batter milkshake. I love getting Cake Batter ice cream from Cold Stone with Oreo cookies. Oh, it’s the best. The three of us basically shared everything and it was great because we got to taste everything. I usually go for the French Slam. Mine was a bit undercooked but that didn’t stop me from eating my portion. No, it wasn’t the healthiest late night dinner. And no, stopping by Angelina’s Bar and Grill didn’t help either.

With one more day left to report, I have a lot to make up for, don’t I? Eek!

Sunday Funday? Absolutely. It’s great being an Event Planner and being able to travel for a living, and hopefully make their wedding a memorable one. We started out with visiting the MacCullum House in Mendocino. It was gorgeous. I would love to do wedding there. It was a bit over budget but good information to have and to see the space versus making decisions just on photos online. Decisions are also made well over brunch at Flow’s. It was a gorgeous day in January and we sat out on the deck with a view of the cliffs, enjoyed eggs and adult beverages. No, I didn’t work out then either. But I was working!

We visited the Mendocino Lookout, posed for a yoga shot as we did in Reims, France in September and also checked out the Cypress Overlook. Loved this Cypress area and I have to say, I took some awesome photos they can use for their Save the Dates. Yes, I am a wanna-be photographer as well. Let’s add that to my aspiring list of skills! The Botanical Gardens were massive but also a little out of budget. The Groom and I were tired from the tour (Steps!) and had to take a moment while the Bride shopped for greens. We then went to the Weller House. It was in a bit of disarray so the vision was hard to fall in love with. However, photos online show how cute it could be.

We went back to the Motel 6 to check on Bevo, my Boston Terrier. There it was when I discovered that my roommate decided to make a swimming pool in my condo and damage went down to the first floor. That was a fun few phone calls to make and sit through while you’re 3.5 hours away. With the frustration, I needed a drink. Thank goodness we were headed to North Coast Brewing Company for dinner and beer. Give me ALL THE BEER! And the bread and butter and some nachos.

It was a tough week, Number 2. Weigh in didn’t happen as it normally did on Sunday. But I discovered that the walking miles and miles really did help keep me from gaining a lot of weight. The difference seemed to be .2+ in weight but a decrease in body fat thanks to my iWellness scale. I’ll take it.

To Week 3

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