My Third Influenster Box - Ole Henrikson

I do love the opportunities and events I get to experience for free. Experiencing and testing new products is also fun for me. I waited so long to get my first Influenster box. I have seen so many people post all the goodies they receive via social media and now I have received my third box. This time it was from Ole Henrikson. It was pink with flowers on it. This one was definitely not for Bevo like box #2.

This box was filled with a coffee mug, a headband and a tube of the Hydra Clay Detox Mask. My face needed some attention and I still use the Julep face oil I received in box #1 and my Oil of Olay moisturizer, but I felt like it needed a bit more love. I was happy to try this!

The instructions said to apply a thick layer of the product on a clean and dry face. Leave on for 10 minutes and remove with a warm wash cloth. I did so generously as my bathroom counter and underneath my sink also had products I was looking to use and get my money's worth. However, this tube was complimentary thanks to Influenster so there was no need to hold back. I followed the instructions and applied a nice, generous layer, set my timer for 10 minutes and did other things.

My face didn't feel like I couldn't make a facial expression or speak like an Enzyme Peel I have used before. When it came to taking it off, it was easy. My face felt soft. The tube said it was OK to use 2-3 times a week. I have now tried it twice and I didn't have to apply any moisturizer to my face all day.

I look forward to receiving more Influenster boxes.

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