Three - San Mateo, California

When you haven’t seen your close cousin and nephew in sometime, you schedule a brunch. Browsing OpenTable, I found Three. A restaurant with good reviews in Downtown San Mateo. I picked up the boys on the other side of Highway 101 and went down Third Street until I found street parking near the restaurant. No need to look for a Pay By Phone sign for parking. The meters do not need to be fed.

Walk in the main door and you immediately see the bar and a podium to check in for our reservation. The first dining room had natural light coming in from our right, there were chalkboard drawings on the walls, banquet seating and individual tables. We room where we were sat was an area between that room and another room near the kitchen near a server station and the door to go downstairs for the bathroom. In the room we could see from our table, there was a nice long table of about 20 filled with guests. I could only assume more of the kitchen was to the left and just beyond that long table.

We started out at the bar with a Guava Mimosa for my cousin and a very sweet sparkling cocktail for me.
Cocktail plus the Taj Clutch by Stella & Dot
We were sat at a large table for four, though there was three of us dining that Sunday afternoon at Three. I honestly picked this place to get my 100 dining points to use another time and for their unique brunch selections. We should all have had the chicken and waffles but here, they made it into a sandwich. Add an egg if you wish! We did! We all ordered the same thing. The boys have never dined here but they have used the likes of Doordash to get the same sandwich delivered. My cousin was excited to have it fresh.

We started with crispy pork belly which was sinfullydelicious. The belly was stuck to the plate a bit but it was a fight we were invested in to win. We also had the mushroom rolls which was basically diced mushroom fried in thin wrappers.

My cousin Yelps, my nephew Snapchats and I do both plus blog! Here we are doing what we do. It clearly runs in the family. You’re welcome, Three, for the social media exposure.

I could not complete the sandwich and took off the soggy waffles and just ate the eggs and chicken. I prefer my waffles a bit crispy, my eggs over medium which came out over easy but the chicken was flavorful and a healthy portion. It all felt really heavy and I added a parfait with fresh fruit. The bowl was HUGE with a ton of granola on top. I think it helped balance out my good and bad intake for this meal.

Friendly service all around. I’d like to come back for their dinner.


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