Florence, Italy - Day 6

I slept in and stayed behind to work as Courtney went to the Uffizi Museum by herself. I asked her to text me when she thought she was going to be done so I could get ready for our last day in Florence. I was so ready to get to Venice. I absolutely love it there.

I told Court to meet me at the restaurant called Move On where there are two red dog statues wearing sunglasses in the windows on the second or third story in the main plaza. Again, it was quite a walk from the Meridiana and I worked up an appetite.

She grabbed a table outside and we split everything. She had a beer and I was starting to feel kinda sick so I had a green tea. We had this amazing beef tartare with a buttery and salty crostini and the carbonara, which is one of our favorite meals in Italy. We ate every single morsel and I wish we had more! The restaurant and record store was pretty modern and I liked it.

We moved on and explored a bit more with no real plan. We stopped in a piazza near the Hotel Savoy that housed the carousel and there was a violinist attracting many fans. He played beautifully and I recorded him performing the Game of Thrones theme song. Yes, I'm a fan. I almost bought a CD but I just tipped him some euros.

We browsed through all the leather goods and Court bought some of her best friends some goods. I was still saving my spending on things until Milan.

We made our way to the Gucci Museo which was more my style than the Uffizi. But first, gelato! I stuck with my three flavors - fragola, coconut and I believe I tried mango. This time we got a waffle cone and it was topped with a circular waffle circle. We ate it in the piazza that was lined with fire trucks from different eras, plus the firemen. Ciao, Bellos!

It started to drizzle a bit and I was happy to go inside the museum. It is a pretty small museum with a few floors and the heater blasting. It was such a change from being outside.

The first floor will have your traveling cases. Gucci began as bellhop for Hotel Savoy which we were just standing outside of with the violinist. He was exposed to so many trunks and traveling cases that he began designing these sort of items. He of course expanded to clothing, shoes, purses and much more.

Wearing Stella & Dot Goddess Drop Earrings and Interlock Cross Necklace

Worn by Evan Rachel Wood

Worn by Salma Hayek

We moved on and had no idea what else to do. Court was tired and headed back to the hotel. I went window shopping and didn't find anything I really liked so I too went back to the hotel. Court was sleeping and what else should I do? I took a nap too, I think. That or I worked.

It started to rain and we had to eat something so I ordered food online. The site like an Eat24 was in Italian but I figured it out and we had lasagna, ravioli, a proscuitto and caprese salad and bread delivered in plastic containers while watching CSI or some show like that in Italian on the tiny television on the wall.

Then back to bed.  We were headed to Venice in the morning!


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