Giving Tuesday

There was Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday and now the second annual Giving Tuesday. Last month, I donated to the World Food Program USA to help get the Philippines food after the typhoon that killed thousands of people. Today, I helped out the Berkeley Humane Society by placing an order thru their Amazon Wish List for their Dog Program.

“Our Amazon Wish List is filled with supplies that we need to save the lives of homeless cats and dogs in our community. While in our care, our feline and canine friends need attention, love, and enrichment, and of course food and supplies.  The better our supplies, the more complete and wholesome care we can provide the animals. The better their care while at Berkeley Humane, the more adoptable they are. The more adoptable they are, the quicker they find homes. The quicker they find homes, the more lives we can save.”

Bevo, my Boston Terrier, was purchased thru a breeder in the Central Valley in 2008. I was overruled to even consider looking at shelters. The other party only wanted a full-bred animal. My Bevo is now five-years-old and as healthy as can be, per his vet who asked me if I was willing to give him away. Absolutely not! Though Bevo does not have the typical facial markings of a Boston with his half a blue eye, he’s nothing but perfect to me. And you can find your new, perfect, furry, family member at your local shelter.

Halloween 2013
My comforter. He always knows what to do when I'm sad.
I have a loved one that has worked in placing dogs in homes for years and two neighbors in my complex that regularly fosters dogs. If you need assistance in choosing your next family member, I am sure they would gladly assist you. Just let me know.

Have you participated in Giving Tuesday?
How so?


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