What Next?

It is August 20th, 2013 and I have nothing really major on my calendar until probably December where I am thinking about going to Okinawa to visit my cousin who is stationed there. I have a couple of Stella & Dot trunk shows scheduled (book yours!) and am excited for the Niners v. Colts on my actual birthday on September 22nd. I have 11 seats and family and loved ones are in attendance. Last year's birthday festivities included a Niners' game as well. I think I'll make it a tradition. GO NINERS!

This year has definitely been busy. With it more than half over, I think I have accomplished quite a bit. Just before the end of 2012, I decided to make a major change in my life and put my happiness first. Sadly, shortly after, my grandfather passed away. I was there in the hospital room with my father when Lolo took his last breath. I have only had my heart broken one other time in my life; this was the second. The loss of him reminded me that life is short.  I'm not one to really just let things happen. I go after what I want. So part of me wants to let life happen and see what God has in store for me. (My Lolo and Lola are very religious.) And part of me wants to soak up anything and everything that life and the world has to offer but on my terms - to meet new people, take risks, travel, be adventurous, love a lot, laugh a lot, do something new, continue to learn and grow. Above everything, I just want to be happy.

I have been living the single life and trying to embrace it since I really haven't been single in 10 whole years. I was always in back-to-back relationships. I realized that was the case when Valentine's Day was approaching. It was quite a strange feeling but I had a good night out with my girlfriend, hit on the Floor Manager of the restaurant we were at for our romantic dinner at the bar, and moved on with my life. I survived my first single Valentine's Day. Other single women can do it too, I assure you. I won't go into detail of what the dating world is like for someone that's not entirely free yet and in their 30s (Dear God.), but it's definitely been interesting, ...irritating, frustrating, and eye-opening but also could be exciting and trigger hope that "Wow, you do exist!" I will say this though:. Men (most likely goes for women too) really need to stop being such cowards. I can respect someone that has the courage to be honest; not so much for someone that is too scared to tell the truth. However, words are just words. I love words of affirmation but your actions will speak volumes.

In April, I went to Miami for a Bachelorette party with 11 other women. It was awesome to say the least. I have been meaning to write more but just haven't had the time. 

In May and June, I was busy working on the wedding in Carmel, California. It was a lot of work but everything was on time and the bride and groom were wonderful. Just before the wedding, I was in Kauai, Hawaii for five days visiting my sweet cousin and her family. Here we are on a boat along the Napali Coast. Absolutely gorgeous.

July, I was in Vegas for five days for fun and Hoopla, the Stella & Dot annual sales conference. Earlier this month, I was a bridesmaid for a very dear friend of mine. 

And I was also in Nashville, Tennessee for my baby cousin's wedding. It was so special because all six Manzano grandchildren were together. I can't remember the last time we were. Sadly, one of us was even missing for our grandfather's funeral in February. 

Plus a Los Lonely Boys show in Napa, California, the day after I returned. 

And last night, I had the annual company party I work and everything was set up on time and went off without a hitch. It was perfect.

Life has been great for the most part. There have definitely been some low and emotional times when I could have used a partner in life, for someone to be anxiously waiting my return from these trips or someone to ask how my day is/was. But things will fall into place if it's in the cards. And, the more I survive these moments, it will be reaffirmed I can do it again. I am so thankful for my wonderful friends and loving family. I am definitely not without love. I think moving forward, I will try to slow down a bit. I will focus on reaching my personal, life, family, financial, fitness and career goals. It sounds like a good plan.

What's your plan for the rest of the year?


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