Let Them Eat CUPCakes!

It was a SWEET weekend. On my way up to Cotati, California to see a friend to knock stuff off our “Explore Our Own Backyard Bucket List”, I stopped in Oakland, California and explored College Avenue a little more. I have had Katrina Rozelle Dessert & Pastries on my list of vendors for years now. I have yet to have them on my selected vendor list for an event. Perhaps someday soon. I believe I first came across them at one of the many Bridal Fairs where I network, do research and experience or taste vendors’ services first-hand. My cousin who is a corporate Event Planner has also recommended Katrina Rozelle. But it wasn’t until this weekend when I made myself walk an extra block with a bum foot just to get a taste. It’s a small shop with two display cases. I was able to try their Vanilla Almond Cake and their Pumpkin Cake. And for someone who’s not a big fan of pumpkin, that Pumpkin Cake was amazing. I searched through their cases and wanted to bring my friend in Cotati a taste of Oakland. I couldn’t pass up picking up two Chocolust Cookies with the girl describing it as a brownie and a cookie blended together. Sold. I arrived at my friend’s house and handed her the goodies. “You like chocolate, right?” She gave me this look, like what woman doesn’t LIKE chocolate? She enjoyed them.

Later that day, my sweet tooth was in need again. Here’s my write up on Sift Cupcakes on Yelp.

“I have seen Sift on Cupcake Wars, I follow them on Twitter and receive e-newsletters from them. But I haven’t had a chance to experience their deliciousness til this past weekend when a friend and I were sitting at the end of Oktoberfest and I inquired about the local flavor’s best dessert. She asked if I liked cupcakes. YES! Have you heard of Sift? YES! I’m not a beer drinker and I ate all of my snausage so we headed over there. And it was such a short drive away from downtown. I was super excited. It was busy and I’m glad there’s not a line out the door.

The place was well lit, had many of their items on display for your drooling pleasure and friendly gals behind the counter to assist you. They had 24 flavors listed, macaroons, cookies, and a milk shake where you could take two cupcakes, throw them in a blender, add milk and ice and drink your cupcake. They also had coffee, milk, juice and water available.

I had to try the Stud Muffin (brown sugar, caramel and bacon), the Cookies & Cream (Oreo fan here!). I bought my roommate the Stud Muffin as she has the house smelling of bacon often and the Ooh La La of red velvet.

Roomie's Response to the Stud Muffin: OMG. Just at the bacon cupcake. It was AMAZING! Too good."

My friend got her favorite, the Pink Champagne made with raspberries and you can absolutely taste the champagne in the frosting. Just thinking about this all makes my mouth water. The Stud Muffin takes the cake for sure. It was almost like taking a shot of maple syrup. At first, was it too sweet? Hmmm. No, going in for another bite, and another and another til you’re bummed that you should’ve gotten another one for yourself. And then you get a little surprise of bacon! Then you’re completely hooked. The Cookies & Cream was pretty standard but still oh so delicious. Even at $3 a pop! Definitely get yourself a small carton of milk. You’re going to need it. And, it does a body good.

Sift is totally worth the drive up to the North Bay. But I just noticed that there’s one in San Francisco. Closer, but worth the drive to have a good friend’s company as well.

They cater! Good to know for this Event Planner.”

Stud Muffin & Cookies & Cream, Stud Muffin & Ooh La La

I have had Kara's Cupcakes ($3/wedding cupcake, $2/per mini, $40 per 6" cake.) I heard a lot about Sprinkles but have never had any. And I have seen a bright pink food truck called Sweet Treat Stop at the Toys 'R Us in Emeryville, California and follow them on Twitter, but I have not had their cupcakes. I was in gym-mode/Mission: Wedding Dress at the time so I had to resist. There is so much to explore and indulge in!

What are your thoughts on these businesses?
How far have you gone for sweets?
Happy tastings!

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