Let the Season Begin!

Today is the first day of the San Francisco 49ers season! The game will be against the Vikings at on home turf, Candlestick Park aka 'The Stick'. Kick off is at 6:00 PM. I had the opportunity to go but I have other responsibilities, however, I will be going to see the September 16th game against the pussycats, aka Lions. I also don't have a television or cable, otherwise I would watch it. It's a possibility sports bars will be a common place to visit on Sundays. For today, as part of the FAITHFUL, I am sporting my Red and Gold. A red tank top with the Renegade Collection - the Necklace ($59), Hoop Earrings ($17.40 on sale!), Cluster Ring ($35.20 on sale!) and Bracelet ($59). Get it at http://www.stelladot.com/Bernadette



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