"People are looking for a job --- or a second or third job"

Isn't that a scary quote? As a kid, you get asked what you want to be when you grow up. Not, what three jobs do you want to do when you grow up just to keep your house? How many people do you know that are looking for a job right now? How many people do you know that have a job but are looking for a second, or even third job? I may sound greedy but I hold 6 job titles and one of them consist of jobs for 4 other people: Office Manager, Executive Assistant, Human Resources Manager and Operations Manager. If you wonder why my blog is called "One Busy Bee", well, there you go!

Blair Anthony Robertson is The Sacramento Bee's restaurant critic and posts Hot Italian will open a second location in Emeryville. I came across the article thanks to a friend and Emeryville-resident's blog post, Urban Outfitters, Hot Italian Pizzeria coming to E’ville. Hot Italian pizzeria is coming to The Public Market in Emeryville, California this Spring and has attracted 300 applicants to their Sacramento location, as Mr. Robertson states.

I could only imagine how many people applied for the Emeryville location. I first looked at these postings because our law office is always looking for new, great local food for lunch. I have already printed out the menu and cannot wait to try it. Will there be a grand opening? Those are always fun events to attend and market.

Besides looking forward to a new restaurant in town, I was amazed at how many applicants they had. I know folks without a job. These folks have a mortgage, children to support and a housewife that may need to back into the work force and bring some sort of income in. Then there are women that found a wealthy man and are taking full advantage of relying on their income to be that housewife they've always wanted to be. Not me! And no normal person is safe. I'm talking to the wealthy men with leeches for wives. Google's Chairman, Eric Schmidt's divorce will cause him to part with $1.5 BILLION in personal fortune! Be wary!

How are you staying afloat in these tough economic times? Hopefully not surfing DateAMillionaire.com. Are you trying to find as much work as possible and saving the additional income?

For those turning every minute into an opportunity, I commend you. For those that are sitting around, sulking, I can't waste my pity on you. A few of these 6 job titles I previously mentioned are a Stella & Dot Independent Stylist, an Event Planner and Coordinator, Certified Bartender, Notary Public and Dog Walker. I have many ways to make additional income and I could add more to the list, but I need to make time to market what I can do already. These titles enable me to work as little or as much as I want, flexibility, I have the ability to say 'NO' which is quite empowering and because hours are not mandatory, I can have fun with it.

Are you a good networker?
Do your friends go to you for referrals?
A young lady came to The Catwalk is Yours event this past weekend and she is an aspiring Event Planner. She was with her friend and I was more than happy to speak with her about how to get started, what I did to get started and that I'm happy to see that she was doing exactly what I do every so often: go to bridal shows, gather information, meet fellow wedding vendors and network. She's off to a great start and I hope she does call me to chit chat about it. There is plenty of business to go around, I think. If Event Planning isn't your thing, but jewelry is, I would of course be available to anyone interested in joining my Stella & Dot team. I could always add other certified bartenders and servers to my list of possible staff members for private events. And as a Notary Public, if someone calls me but I am unavailable, I am more than happy to refer them to another reliable Notary Public. Refer me, I would love to return the favor.

Good luck out there, Folks! If you have a job, do your best to keep it. It's horrible out there! The grass isn't always greener on the other side.


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