Rose Woods - Florist

I had the pleasure of having a meeting with Olga Rosewood last night at a Starbucks in Hayward. We briefly met at the Dolce Hayes Mansion in San Jose at a bridal fair last month. We didn't chat much when I approached her booth but I did grab some information from her table and followed up with her in the next couple of weeks. I added her to my list of vendors as a florist.

She replied to my follow-up with a phone call and we decided to meet up and chat in detail of our experiences with weddings, our expertise and how we can work together. Olga has bee working with flowers for years and has been working independently for four years in the Sacramento and the lower Sierra Foothills. She's interested in expanding to the Bay Area to allow her to do a variety of pieces as she's not finding the opportunity to do so in the area she's limited to at the moment. I was surprised that she chose to market at a bridal fair in San Jose. It's quite a hike for her. And participation at these events are not cheap.

We had a good conversation. She understood what I did as a planner and coordinator, how I like to work and what my goals are. We ended up working out a deal to help each other on a referral/marketing basis. I have a background in marketing and advertising so I thought we could help her our. We'd just have to narrow down on logistics. If you happen to need a florist, try Olga of Rose Woods. Below is her information. Mention you found her through me and she'll give you a discount.

Olga Rosewood
Rose Wooods


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