Dirty Water Bar - Coming Soon!

The Press Club, April 2013

I am so proud of my very good friend, Kristian. I met him while working at City Beach in Fremont, CA when I was a bartender back in 2006 and he became my boss. He and I started the UFC PPV showings there, built this unbreakable relationship, have since parted ways professionally but we have always supported each other in everything the other sought out to do. I am so glad he is finally going to have his own spot because every restaurant he has touched exponentially improved.  I cannot wait to walk through the doors of Dirty Water and be one of its best customers, regulars and supporters. Congratulations on the below article on Eater.com that is brought to you by Rose Garrett.
Kristian Cosentino knows his stuff, and the former Press Club GM and self-described beverage geek is looking to flex his knowledge with an ambitious new project. After plotting a new space for years, Cosentino is in the process of establishing Dirty Water, a drinking mecca on Market Street that will showcase Cosentino's passion for the best of everything, from wine and beer to hard-to-get spirits.
The planned space will occupy 8,600 square feet on Market between Van Ness and 11th. Although the buildout has yet to begin, Cosentino says his plan is to install a 150-foot bar and create three distinct lounge spaces, as well as putting in communal tables and smaller six-tops. A streamlined food menu will be on offer, but the focus will be on drinking: each dish will have drink-pairing suggestions, to better show off the impressive beverage list. <<<Read more>>>
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