Day 3 - Isagenix 9-Day Cleanse

I got up at 6 am yesterday to do my first cleanse. I decided to turn it into a tea. I warmed up water in a tea cup in the microwave for 30 seconds, added two scoops of Cleanse for Life, stirred and drank. It didn't taste so bad. I can handle that better than chugging two big glasses of water. It has some flavor to it. Then I went back to bed and wrote the end of the previous post, then fell back asleep.

My girlfriend and her friend were going to pick me up for the Niners/Packers game at 9:45 am. Kick off was at 1:25 pm. I packed my snack wafers and added my scoops to my water bottle to stay on schedule. We stopped off at a market in San Mateo and the first thing I see? Doughnuts. Mmmmmmm. I felt like Homer Simpson. We went to the deli. Christy got a football sized vegetarian sandwich and Karla got some rotisserie chicken. Me? A bottle of water. Today was going to be tough. I love food.

Then we were on the way to find parking. The lot I parked in last time was $50 and full. The next one $40 and full. On the other side of the freeway, passed the garbage dump which could make someone gag was $25. At least we got a good walk in-store for us to the stadium. Karla knew someone that was tailgating. My girl, Jenny, was already there and we didn't have time to make two stops. We found the group, 49ers Webzone, and they're a great group. Really friendly. The food smelled amazing. Everyone was barbecuing, drinking, having a blast. I was still having a good time but oh how I would have loved a hot dog or burger or chips or a cocktail. We were offered beer. The girls partook, I couldn't. I explained why. I didn't want them to think I was rude.

A new rule that I had no idea about was that large totes and purses couldn't be brought in unless it was clear. That's just not cute. Check out the details here. Steve was really nice to give us the heads up and keep our purses in the car. Nathan, Karla's friend, offered too. Everyone was really friendly and accepted us newbies to their tent. We even were invited to be in their group photo. And us girls were called over to take a pic with a guy for his birthday and it was his first Niners game. I was next to the birthday boy and the photographer said, "Dude, you can't be standing like that." He was kind of shy so I grabbed his arm and put it around my shoulders. I don't even know his name. I loved that a 30" television was in the back of a Suburban playing the Raiders/Colts game and there was large speaker with someone's iPhone hooked up to it playing a Niners playlist. I gotta have that. Great fun.

Then it was time to head in. Good thing we didn't miss kick off because it was crazy getting into the stadium. I lead my group because I walk thru crowds like I drive. I squeeze in where I can, walk fast and am always looking out for hazards like a swinging elbow, a person carrying two drinks and I don't mind squaring my shoulders and standing my ground when pushed. I may be little but I can hold my own and don't back down. And we found our way to our seats. Ooooh, boy, was it hot. I don't think I have ever been that hot in San Francisco. We hiked up our pant legs, I used the envelope and my ticket as a fan (totally felt Filipino in that regard) and I didn't drink too much water because I hate getting up to use the restroom during a football game. What can I say, I love my Niners. So I basically baked out there and I got a nice little tan. Again. As if I wasn't already dark enough from Miami, Hawaii, Vegas and Nashville! I was trying to find a Niners tank top but went with this Touch by Alyssa Milano top instead and now I have a t-shirt tan.

This was Karla and Christy's first Niners game. I seem to de-virginate a lot of virgins in a lot of things. I just love new experiences and making memories with good people. These are definitely good people.

Christy was nice enough to hold my plastic baggy of Isagenix snacks. Occasionally I would have one. It helped with not eating anything at all yesterday but the tummy did grumble a few times. 

We had a great time at the game. Love the fans, the people around us and it was a good game. A great way to kick off the season. The older Asian gentleman to my right has been a solo season ticket holder since 1989. A 49er Faithful, no doubt.

With a W, it was time to get our bags and head on home. On our way there, there was a cutie in a convertible, silver M3 that was sitting in line with no one in his car. I was leading the girls and was like, "Man, you have three open seats and no one came with you?"
"I couldn't find anyone to go to the game with me." Cue violin solo.
"Aww, poor guy."
We stopped passed his car to find where our friends were again. Christy agreed he was a cutie. So while we were trying to say farewell to the 49ers Webzone, I thought, if that guy's car is still there, I'll go talk to him. I went off by myself to check, it was and so my ballsy self walked up to the guy again to see if he was single. Fail on his part. Joking. I'm no home wrecker like some horrible women I know of. And again, life goes on. It reminded me of when I was in Miami in April. We were at a pool party and one of the girls pointed out a guy that was totally her type. I told her to go talk to him. She wouldn't do it. So I dragged her floating device to where he was. I saw that he had a similar religious cloth necklace that my grandfather always wore so I talked him about it. And introduced myself and my girlfriend, and eventually when they were lost in discussion, I saw my way out of it and went to get another drink. It really is amazing how the most beautiful girls do not have the guts that I do. I truly don't think I'm hot whatsoever. HELLO! I'm doing this cleanse! But honestly, if a guy isn't interested in me if I approach him then it's no skin off my back. Trust me, I'm not going to cry about it. I just hope he's not a jerk about it and takes it as a compliment instead. It's just funny to hear the girls say, "Bernadette, if I'm single again, we're going out!"

That night, a friend came over and we got all caught up on each other's lives. He and his living situation and his beautiful daughter, me and all my craziness. He made sure he ate beforehand because I told him that I wasn't eating that day. Of course he gave me a hard time and said I should just go get some In-n-Out or some pizza. Drool. He finished off a bottle of champagne I had while I tried so hard to stay awake during The Hobbit, and again, I couldn't partake. The movie was over and I had to go to bed. I was out like a light.

Then Day 4 - another Cleanse Day.

I'm doing good so far, don't you think? 
How do you think you would do in the situations I have been in?


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