Day 6 & 7 - Isagenix 9-Day Cleanse

Shake Days! They really aren't bad. I really look forward to them. I do crave food and the taste of certain things but I can have a taste of it (400-600 calories worth) as long as it's not overkill. I am actually not really eating my snacks unless I really need them. I asked Sarah if it was weird and she said no and to save them if needed. On Wednesdays near City Hall in Emeryville they have Off the Grid. And lately they've always had Hapa SF there. They have this amazing Topsilog Burrito for $8. My mouth just watered. I thought the trucks were there until 3 pm but I guess 2:30 pm is when they shut down. My coworker, Fiona, the Frenchie and I took a stroll down there but we were too late. I had no shame, the truck was still there and I knocked on their door to see if they could make us something. I was denied but hey, if you don't ask, the worst you can get is a no, right? So I ended up getting the tofu salad at Can't Fail Cafe. It's pretty good but today, like most places when it's past the lunch rush, it's not as good as it could be. It's usually one of my favorite salads in the area. And yes, restaurants can mess up a salad.

Work has been insane so it has definitely helped keeping my mind off certain things like being hungry. I stopped off at Panda Express across the street from the hospital before visiting Christy and Arya and picked up the mommy some food. The day before they forgot to bring her dinner. Oh, how I wanted just a taste of some Orange Chicken. But nope, I'm not even allowing myself to cheat even a little bit. All or nothing, Baby!

I eventually got home and made a shake. I couldn't wait. I was hungry for it. There was a big rig accident on the San Mateo Bridge and going eastbound on the Bay Bridge even after 8 PM is ridiculous. But I ended up getting on traffic anyways. I had to snack on some almonds.

Today was about the same. Very busy at work. With not having to study for the DMV exams I can concentrate on other things but I ended up working a longer than usual day because I could. I just can't seem to get ahead at work and we're doing a lot of trial prep. It's so busy.

I had a Subway $5 foot long for lunch. It's basically just a salad on a roll. Lots and lots of veggies. After tonight's shake, I realized that I only have four more shakes left to take. I have two more shake days and two more cleanse days and I'm done. Pretty amazing that it really wasn't that hard. Though, I'm not completely done, I thought for sure I'd be Ms. Cranky Pants.

Speaking of pants, I snuck in a measurement last night before I went to bed because my pants were loose and I lost half an inch around my waist. And today's pants felt loose too. I really need to look into what I need to do to maintain it. I need to plan my meals, work out days, cleanse days and days I can have mostly what I want within reason.

This Isagenix program has definitely saved me money. I think the most I've paid for in the past week is gas and I bought a shirt for the Niners game. I'm pretty social and that usually means socially eating or drinking while out and about. Just before I started, I went out to Palo Alto to dinner with my P-I-C and spent $45 on dinner. This entire program cost me $130 as a member. Not bad. That's basically 11 days worth of food in exchange for the cost of three dinners out in Palo Alto. But I feel better about my body and that I am so close to succeeding and being able to stay focused. This is much more meaningful than an overpriced meal across the bridge.

Until tomorrow...

Do you think you can do this program?
How much per day do you spend on food?


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