Day 9 & 10 - Isagenix 9-Day Cleanse

Just a reminder, this cleanse has two per-cleanse days so its's actually 11 days.  Today is my second to last day so I'm very excited to see how I feel and look as of Tuesday morning.

Yesterday was pretty good. It was my last shake day on this cleanse and will be anxiously awaiting the arrival of more shake packets next week. They're that good. I spent most of the day at home attempting to be productive, but I did make it to the gym finally. I haven't had that much energy lately so I kind of have to work back up to my usual cardio level. I also got to do some weightlifting which I prefer so that felt good. I feel I definitely have lost some strength. I have to get back in the routine. I was able to weigh myself and I lost 4 pounds. I'll take it.

I headed to the peninsula to get my brows done at Ziba, pick up food for Christy and the family and visit with Arya and Nate. They wanted Burgermeister and I love their double pepper aioli and burgers that my Yelp review of the Alameda location was selected as a Review of the Day. 

I looked on MyFitnessPal app as to what I could eat that was under 600 calories and there wasn't much. So I got them $40 worth of burgers and chicken tenders and yummy sweet potato fries. I ended up at Panda Express getting all veggies with my two sides of Orange Chicken and Beef and Broccoli. I usually have solid food for lunch but switched up my shake day routine so I can dinner with the family. It was good to have a meal with other people. I did have some of Nate's sweet potato fries tho. Bad!

I got to hold Arya for a couple hours straight. She just slept right on me and it was so precious. 
I love moments like that. I remember when my nephew Brent was that small and he'd radiate so much heat. My sister used to say that he still smelled of my perfume hours after I left. I played with Nate while carrying Arya for a little bit.  He's into dinosaurs right now and was growling like one so I growled back. He'd say, "Tia," while he was getting changed and growl at me. I growled back, put up claws and attack him. Sometimes I'd attack his daddy and he got a kick out of that.  This continued and I chased him around the house. Dinosaurs are so awesome.

I tried to help Christy get the family ready and pick out clothes for their photo shoot on Monday in Castro Valley.  She'll be borrowing the Serenity Necklace and Drop Earrings with a black top.  It'd be nice for the rest of the family to be in black. I told her I'd go shopping and see what I can find for the gang and leave it at my door. It's nice to be thought of as their stylist.

It was past eight o'clock and we were all getting tired and I had to give Christy her beautiful daughter back. It was nice to spend so much time with them. She was so thankful that I was there. There's nothing I wouldn't do for her, or for my niece or nephew.

Today was a cleanse day.  I had to get up just before 6 am to start my cleanse day with water, taking out the pup and getting ready to pick up my Lola for church. No choir for my Lola that day so she sat us at the very front where she and Lolo used to sit everyday. When Father Donnie spoke of my Lolo, he mentioned that he remembered always seeing them in the front pew.  It made me miss Lolo. As usual after church, we went to the cemetery. 

On our way back to Lola's house she spoke of how she wishes and prays that I find a man worthy enough to marry and have children with.  Me too, Lola. Me too. She said she would really like to have another great grandchild before she passes. And how my Papa really would like me to have children.  She said if I can't find a good man, then I should adopt! Good grief. Is that my faith? When I first met Arya at hospital, Leilani said it was my and Christina's turn! I replied that I'm not even in a relationship. "You don't have to be in a relationship to have a baby." No you don't, but "I do!" Babies were a topic again at my luncheon with the family at Lucille's BBQ in Concord. Our generation is due for twins and none of the cousins have had them yet. I have always hoped it was going to be me. But I'd be happy with one beautiful, healthy child of my own. I will be 33 in a week. I would be lying if I wasn't worried if it was going to happen for me. Is it in the cards?

After dropping off Lola, I went shopping for Christy. I went to six different stores and they didn't have any black dresses for a newborn or a nice black button up for Nate.  Kinda crazy. Isn't black standard? Maybe for me but I guess not for children.  I was shocked that I couldn't find anything! People always mistake my favorite color is black because I used to wear it so much. I joked that my kids would end up being naked because there is no black clothes anywhere!

Today's luncheon was to send my sis off for another 7-week long training with the National Guard. She'll be in Missouri this time but she'll have more freedom and her phone so I guess I won't be writing her letters everyday like when she was at boot camp last year. Lunch was really tough because I love BBQ, especially after our trip to Nashville. It was seven of us and I didn't order anything. There was ribs, collard greens, veggies, salad, burger with mushrooms, sweet potato fries, Mac and cheese, corn dogs, tri tip, banana pudding, a peach cobbler and a watermelon margarita to drool over. Ohmygoodness, it was so hard. I did taste some of the sauces they had on the table and probably a spoonful worth of my nephew's Mac and Cheese. And I don't know if it was because I wanted food or if it was truly the best Mac and cheese I've ever had. I waited until their food was brought out before I popped a wafer in my mouth. It was really tough to do this but I wanted to spend time with my family.

Now I'm home and am really tired. I had planned on being productive but I think my allergies are irritating me and I just wanted to lay down. I did and fell asleep during the rain delay and woke up just in time.  It's now the 4th quarter and the Niners are down by 16 against the Seahawks. 

Tomorrow is the last day of this cleanse. Work will be busy so I will definitely have distractions from my hunger but I seriously cannot wait to eat breakfast on Tuesday morning. Home stretch. I can do this.


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