One Per Day in April 2017

This blog almost hit 10,000 hits in one month in December 2016. With it being a new year and now a quarter way done with, I want to reach that milestone. One way is to create content. I have 7,500 photos on my phone just waiting to be shared with you via this blog. I am finding that the popular posts are about travel. If I could travel, eat and drink around the world for a living, I would be living the dream.

Bourbon Street, New Orleans, Louisiana with my Cugino - November 2015
Bone Marrow Burger at Eureka! in Berkeley, California after a hike. - December 2016
Viansa in Sonoma, California with these beauties - November 2016.
Thanks to a posting by fellow blogger, Color U Bold, I was inspired to post once a month to see if could do it and if it would increase my traffic. I definitely posted once a day, I hit 90,000 hits that month and increased my hits by 25%. One year later, I am going to attempt this challenge again. Will it increase my hits by 25%? If so, I will reach 10,000 hits in one month.

Would you do this challenge with me too? If so, be sure to Tweet me your latest blog post (@bappletree).

I'd like to give a shout out to a few of my favorite supporters. Please visit their blogs! I have yet to meet these bloggers in person but I'm sure it'll happen someday.

Looking forward to a fun, blog-filled April. No joke.

This is #1 of 30 daily blog posts to hit 10,000 hits in one month. I did the same challenge in April 2016. Thank you for visiting and please check back tomorrow and share anything you like!


  1. Thanks for the shout out! Looking forward to reading a new post every day!


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