Happy Birthday, Court Court!

We have done quite a bit together in the year and a half that we have known each other. #BernNCourt adventures continue.

She asked me, 'What are we doing for my birthday?"

"When's your birthday?"

"April 11th."

"I'm, I mean guess we're going to see Black Swan."


And just like that, plans were made. It was a similar, quick conversation when I asked her if she wanted to go to Italy or France.

I fell in love with the ballet when Cristen and I decided to go see The Nutcracker. I know people that make it an annual tradition. I have never seen it. Up on the balcony with our $40 tickets, I was captivated. The next week, I bought a 3-pack of tickets for the upcoming season AND even donated a pretty amount. Worth it? Perhaps as we were got to seat orchestra level this time. I was so excited.

But it was Court's birthday. I met her in the lobby of the Twitter building and we walked towards Cafe Delle Stelle on Hayes, as I blew bubbles wherever we went. The bubble tubes were part of our recent Women Wednesday event at DW.

We were sat and looked over the menu. We ordered a bottle of the rose prosecco and appetizers. I had the muscles with gorgonzola with a white wine sauce and flatbreads. Court had a salad. I asked our server if the kitchen could possibly make me a carbonara. I have been craving an amazing carbonara since Italy. He said they couldn't do it and I went with the hand made, hand stuffed Tuscan kale and ricotta ravioli, tossed with a creamy lemon zest. Court went with the rigatoni with sea bass, mushrooms, sweet peas and creamy marsala. We enjoyed the prosecco, I really enjoyed the mussels but I wasn't too thrilled with everything else. We actually had majority of our entrees boxed up and left atop a garbage can on the street for a homeless person.

Dessert did come out for Court and it was tiramisu with a candle. If I knew how to say Happy Birthday in Italian...

We then sought out a bar. Not an uncommon thing for us to do. We popped our head into Absinthe to see if there were any spots at the bar. Negative. We stopped into Arlequin, a wine shop attached to a deli and they served cheese and charcuterie. Nope, no available seats either.  We then stopped at The Hayes Street Grill and found a seat the bar. I offered it up to Court and the sweet lady that was also headed to the ballet was on her way out. We ordered dessert wine and dessert. Unfortunately, they were out of the strawberries and zabaglione so we went with the creme brulee. She enjoyed it.

We texted Mercedes as she was going to go to the ballet too with a coworker. We followed her to the opera house and found her in line for drinks. We were going to meet up after this amazing show.

Swan Lake was gorgeous. I have seen The Nutcracker and Frankenstein. I loved the tutus, the solos by the prima ballerina and the music. Court said she hasn't been to ballet since she was a kid. She loved it as well.

We met back up with Mercedes and her coworker and discovered it was raining outside. Where to next? We needed late night snacks and drinks and decided not to go to DW. So we went to Mr. Tipples to end the night after a fun walk in the rain using our ballet programs as shelter from the rain. We ordered almost everything on the menu and called it a night. Court had to catch Bart back to the deep East Bay.

27. So young.

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