Go Warriors! Hello, Hayward!

Going to last night's game was originally supposed to be a double date with Edo, our Lead Bartender, and his wife, but things have changed and the Warriors were quickly approaching the playoffs. Before prices begin to skyrocket, we were looking at tickets two days before to find the cheapest tickets available were only pairs of two, and unfortunately they were in different sections. Edo would have his wife. I fake cried, 'I would be a party of one." Nick, one of my Managers, was standing near by, "I'll go with you, Bern."

Nick took charge of getting tickets. He was still looking come Friday evening. I told him I'd still be down to go if he found tickets by the time I was done with my massage the following day. Low and behold, he found some. Guess I'm going to the game!

Jewelry by Stella & Dot
We arrived and I texted my friend Stan. He manages their suites and we went to say hello. While we were waiting, I ran into someone I only knew via email. I had to manage my ex-boss' season tickets and I recognized this guy's name on his name tag and I introduced myself. Weird to know three people that work for the Warriors. Stan arrived and it was good to see a friend that I have known for over 10 years.

We got drinks and food and found our seats. I have to give kudos to Nick. We were in the 5th row in section 119. Great seats. Stephen Curry wasn't playing but it was the first time I got to see Kevin Durant play. Drake was also in the building. He was wearing a white jacket. Clearly he wanted to mix in.

Double Makers on the rocks

 My Cugino is part of their Hoop Troop. It's always awesome to see him in action. He has always had a lot of energy.

After the win, Nick was down to let me show him around Downtown Hayward.  We took Bart back to my car and headed to A Street. The first stop was Bijou and like the many times I have recently stopped by, it was closed. This time, Dave, the bartender saw me from the window and let us in. He told me that the bar was under new management and they were no longer a lounge and closed relatively early. We chit chatted a second, had a shot and we let him close up the bar.

We then headed to where the music was playing.  The Bistro.  The 20th IPA Festival was earlier that day. We sat at the bar, had a beer and listened to the band, Bad Boy Bruce & the Blues Mob. Nick was in awe.

Purse by Stella & Dot

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