Santa Fe, New Mexico

I got back from Santa Fe, New Mexico on Sunday afternoon after a layover in Phoenix, Arizona where the state passed a law to basically legalize racial profiling. I did not have to switch planes and just being in the state made me feel a bit odd. I joked around with a friend of mine over Facebook saying that I’m glad I didn’t get questioned, otherwise I’d have to turn into a stealthy ninja or change into my Mirror’s Edge persona to avoid being deported.

Anyways, Santa Fe was nice but my bf and I agreed that we would never live there or probably come back for a long, long time. If we did, we’d definitely stay in Albuquerque to explore the bigger city. I’ve had my fill of Mexican food for awhile, though I just realized that I had an Eating Right Chicken Enchilada for lunch last yesterday. I am still craving Chevy’s Shrimp and Crab Enchilada as well. And guacamole. Mmmm, Ok, so I haven’t had my fill of Mexican food. But I did have quite a bit of margaritas and sangria. Most of my experiences there have been posted in my Yelp! reviews. We went to Chimayo, the downtown area and our first meal there was at a Taco Bell. We were hungry. Customer service sucks at almost every spot there and the creperie downtown will definitely rip you off. The weather is nice. Hot and windy. Sneaking into the community hot tub after 10 PM was real nice after our last day there. We got to spend time with a little one year old and it re-confirmed that the bf and I want a baby.

The couple we were visiting had a parrot that only likes females, then we discovered that maybe it just doesn’t like the male owner b/c my bf was able to hold him. It was a sweet bird. All it wanted was attention, just like their two dogs. It’s tough that they have a baby as well because the dogs don’t get as much attention, which is completely understandable. Zeus, a hound and probably golden retriever mix, was allowed to sleep with us in the king size bed. Our little Boston Terrier, Bevo, always sleeps with us. Bevo didn’t travel with us this time so we missed our dog.

Our first full day, we spent most of the time downtown, touring the vendors, sitting in the park, stopped off at the basilica. Our friend bought me a nice bracelet while I was on the phone with my boss. It’s blue so it’ll go with my jeans! We checked out one spot that had a lot of Day of the Dead figurines and I’m not sure I would like a skeleton bride and groom given to me as a wedding present. I think that sends mixed messages. Someone enlighten me on that. At night we went bar hopping and I saw our friends salsa. Read it at my Yelp! page, there were more instances of really bad service.

Fake flowers I found in the market.

I was reading about the touristy spots online on my iPhone and found that there’s the Miraculous Staircase at a chapel – it stand without any major support. Our friends thought it was in Chimayo and we ended up at a chapel there that supposedly had some healing power and an energy vortex. There were Indian dancers in feathers and dress dancing in the hot sun. The headpieces were beautiful. Once we determined that we were in the wrong spot, we had to go back to downtown Santa Fe and got there 5 minutes before they closed for a private event. I tried to use my Event Planner card to sneak a peek but the lady didn’t care. We went another way around and I tried the Event Planner card again, but the same lady said no. Ugh!

We then walked up and down Canyon Road which was gallery central. It was warm and a tiny incline so I was bit warm. I didn’t want to hold my bf’s hand as his palms were also perspiring. We went to our friend’s favorite gallery called Chalk Farm Gallery and I discovered Vladamir Kush. You could get lost in his paintings. The one I was staring at for a while cost around $130K. Eek! I probably could’ve spent all day on this strip visiting every gallery and grabbing lunch and a glass of wine at Geronimo.

On our last night, we had dinner in to save money, more margaritas, sangria and wine and checked out the hot tub. Then it was time to go home.

In terms of Biolean, I took it Friday but forgot to do son until today. Oops. But Friday or today, I didn't have any dizziness or anything. I just hate swallowing those stinky pills. I did work out yesterday though. Just for 30 mins with Carmen Electra. Ha! DailyBurn doesn’t have her video listed so not sure what my caloric burn total was. Nonetheless, I did something active.


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