Day 1 - Biolean II

I am on my first full day on Biolean II produced by WIN International out of Plano, Texas I took my first three pills at lunch with the group at the nicest Chevy's I've ever been to. The three other people I was there with also took Lipotrim which if I need to refresh my memory as to its purpose.

Later that day I felt a little tired. I'm not sure if it was because I woke up early with the intentions of going to the gym or thinking about the first meeting with a potential new bride. I cannot definitely relate my tiredness to the pills I took.

Today I had fried eggs and toast with butter. I know, bad, bad, bad but it was so very good. It's been quite some time since I've had fried eggs. I remembered around 11 am that I needed to take the two other pills. If I'm going to try to sell it to my clients and friends, I have to completely experience a full cycle. So took the remaining two pills and like the weenie I am, I had a hard time swallowing them
this time. I was eyeing the browning bananas on the counter and thought 'Next time.' I loathe bananas although they're so good for you.

The bf and I had lunch around 2 with my grandparents for Mother's Day. As we were approaching Highway 4 in the cloverleaf, I began to feel a little lightheaded and warm. I did have my DKNY winter coat on but it really hit me. I also noticed that I wasn't feeling very hungry. But at lunch, I had a healthy serving. Nothing over the top.

7 PM rolled around and my BF asked me what I wanted for dinner. I wasn't hungry. And around the same time yesterday, I wasn't famished either. Hmmm, this may just work as a hunger suppressant. Tonight, I didn't have any dinner. I had a very small glass of orange juice and some water. It is now 11:25 PM and I'm still not hungry. My stomach isn't grumbling but I'm having a hard time falling asleep. I could just be stressing and thinking about upcoming events. That's when I decided to jot down my reactions to these products. Please note that every body is different and reacts differently to nutritional supplementation.

Funny - my fortune cookie said something along the lines that money
will be heading my way. I sure hope so.

WIN International


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