Day III – Biolean II & WINrgy

(Day II was part of the last post, Day I)

Today, I’m just trying just the white one and one green one at 9:25 AM. I had half a bagel on my way into work. Let’s see how this makes me feel. Also having a cup of coffee. I alerted Vicki that I’m not excited about taking so many pills and how my body reacted to it. She advised that I may want to try to cut the dose in half because of my size. So that’s what I’m doing today. Let’s see. I’m headed to New Mexico this week and a friend says we’ll be sitting by the pool sipping margaritas. In a bikini? Eek. I’ve been getting up early, doing my 300 crunches everyday and feeling better. I know there’s muscle under that extra layer of squishiness.
9:50 AM – I feel a little loopie – kinda dizzy.
10:50 AM – Not so dizzy.
11:15 AM – Getting hungry.
Noon – Having a Lean Cuisine for lunch and feeling back to normal. Let’s see if I can do it tomorrow as well.

In terms of WINrgy, I added it to my orange juice Saturday afternoon after a night at Somar Bar in Oakland for a friend’s birthday and a Boston Terrier Meetup at Stern Grove Park in San Francisco. When I got home, I took a nap and prepped for an event I was working in San Francisco beginning at 5 PM. I mixed it and took my OJ to go. I finished it before I got to my party destination and I only remember swallowing one small clump of the powdered WINrgy mixture. I was pretty exhausted that day but I survived the evening. I had to trek up a big hill on Noe Street, was on my feet until 11 PM and I think I did just fine. Today, I am having another serving with OJ. It's about 12:45 PM.
1:03 PM - Feeling a bit warm. 75% done with my WINrgy OJ.

For more information on these two products, go to:

Lunch today was Lean Cuisine's Sun-dried Tomato Pesto Chicken with 9g of fat, 290 calories and 4g of fiber. Be one of my motivators at


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