Responses to WIN products so far:

From 24-year-old male, personally known to me, from Berkeley, California
Write up done May 2010


There is no taste to this product. The lack of sugar no doubt contributes to its extreme lack of flavor. Recommend only drinking with similar “flavored” beverages. Meaning, if Winergy is “citrus” flavored, it should be drank with orange juice or lemonade.

The beverage has a powdery texture, similar to AirBorne, but not as pleasant. It leaves the tongue feeling dry causing a reaction of smacking your tongue to the top of your mouth, similar to when a wine has too much tannins.

I did not feel energetic, per se, but I did not feel tired. The lack of fatigue was a noticeable improvement compared to previous days around the same time at work when I did not use Winrgy.

My overall opinion of the product is it’s taste outweighs its effect. Because of its powdery texture and severe lack of flavor, I would chose existing energy drinks that have better quality flavor and texture than Winrgy, regardless of Winrgy’s positive effects."

Via Twitter from user 'talitharabie' from South Africa regarding the WinSpa products. Quoted from May 2010.
"I love it. best facial products I've used. u?"

Currently on Day 10 of Biolean II. I only worked out once this week. Going to work out everyday this holiday weekend.

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