#250KChallenge Week 7

Sunday night, I was so tempted by appealing texts to drive back out to DW to take care of some new friends. I ended up staying home and it was a good decision. I need to stop going to the city seven days a week. Until I own property in San Francisco, it's not needed. But it's great that they were able to come to DW on their last night in the city.

Monday - it was back day, but before that, I was on the phone for a bit with Go Travel going over the itinerary for our trip to Italy. I upgraded us to be near attractions or some kind of a nightlife in Rome and to actually be on the island in Venice. Florence is a small city so walking shouldn't be a problem and we have a nice spot in Milan. By the time we get to Milan, we'll be exhausted and need some downtime. I cannot wait! I need to create a ticker to count the remaining days.

Back day was mostly upper back. A lot of pull downs, rows and abs. I have been doing 45 minutes of cardio per day. I need to get that heart pumping.

At home, I had my MuscleTech shake with organic frozen raspberries. 

I had a meeting with a woman that is also friends with me on Facebook and Instagram. She said I was lookin' good. Thank you for noticing! She said she hasn't been to the gym in months and I posted a few mentions trying to get motivated. 

The goal was not to drink alcohol this week, and what does my Bar Manager present me with?

It's a take on a cranberry vodka with pepper infused liquor. I had one sip. See, I have to taste everything! My job is so difficult. A water was paired my Little Gem salad with grilled chicken.

Tuesday was lower back day and did more deadlifts. I thought I beat a personal record at 80 lbs but I actually was doing that before so nothing new. And fulfilled my 45 mins of cardio.

Tuesday was not a dry Tuesday. Sunshine and I were invited back to the Metreon for a Washington State wine tasting event. We had a similar event on a smaller scale at DW but it was nice to be able to enjoy the event.

However, before partaking in wine consumption, it was a gorgeous day and we had lunch at B overlooking Yerba Buena Gardens. I have seen B many times but have never been there and there a new business idea was created. Think fitness, food and travel and remember #fiiym. Everything was great. Life was amazing. Feeling the sunshine on my skin and dining with my Sunshine was wonderful. And I didn't have to be at work quite yet!

We then headed into the Metreon and started our tour of Washington Wine.

The last time I was in Washington state was for my cousin's wedding in Leavenworth. I was there for a total of 12 hours but I had to be there for my family not was so worth it. I didn't try any local wine but I did stop in a city that holds the Tulip Festival and had some unique wines there two years ago. A girlfriend and I were headed on our way back to Seattle from Vancouver, Canada. That was my international trip for the year.

We tried wines from Cougar Crest, Naked Winery, Southard, 14 Hands, Nine Hats and more. There was only one spot that had a sparkling rose and I didn't write down the name but it was tasty. Sunshine liked the winemaker of Southard, we had too much fun at the Naked table, the Cougar is not what you think it means but that Marco Polo Cheddar and crostini! None of this was part of this diet but it was work related! After some tuna cubes, oysters, lox and more cheddar, I thought we should actually head into the office. I had a meeting with Veuve Clicquot and events that evening. Good times.

That night, I got to spend some time at DW with my favorite soldier plus 20 others and had more Japanese whisky, Iwai, once things started to calm down and I could mingle. How nice it is to be able to share and things you like with good people.

I suggested we head over to Mr. Tipple's, my new favorite spot, for live jazz, the delicious Rye All Day and the beautiful redhead, Madison. "Bern, what am I drinking?" Rye All Day! He also enjoyed the Fieldwork Coconut IPA I had him taste a few months ago. It was back at DW. It's so good. 

It was a really fun night. Everyone has a story. Each soldier has a reason why they joined the military, what they love about it, what they put up with and some figure out when their time is up. Regardless as to what that is, I am thankful for their  services. The people that I have recently met, they are all wonderful, good people. I guess I have to thank DW for that. I love the industry I am in. I meet so many amazing people. This group came from all over the country and it was nice to see Kaptain in his element with people in his age group. He's moving onto bigger and better things in his Army career and I wish him nothing but success and happiness. And for the love of God, keep him safe.

Wednesday - the gym was definitely necessary after an evening of drinking. I received fellow blogger's tank and rocked it that morning. Section-36 is a blog out of Boston about the Sox and Fenway Park. He first found me with a photo taken in Section 36 at Fenway when Christina and I had our first spontaneous trip in 2013 and he's been wonderful supported of mine and DW's since. I am proud to wear this.

Bevo then wanted some of my post-work out shake.

Thursday - it has been three years since I have lost my grandfather. See My New Angel post. It was a difficult morning but I was able to make it to the gym. He would want me to keep working towards my goal, better myself and stay healthy to live a longer life. So I did. Lately it has been making sure I do at least 45 minutes of cardio and abs.

Work was slow so Courtney and I thought we'd invite our friends via social media to come down and see us. Aren't we cute?!? Haha!

Working out must be working out. A man that attended one of my events asked me, "Do you go to school around here?" It made me giggle. One of his instructors at a chiropractic school at Life in Hayward, CA is a friend of mine. How funny that that alumni group is about networking and I get to do it every day very easily.  Here's my 'winning' networking outfit. Banana Republic top, True Religion jeans with Swarovski crystals, Vince Camuto shoes, Stella &Dot hoops and bracelet and dog tags from my good friend, Teresa. I can see my bis but still want them more defined.

Friday was my rest day. And fatty Friday. Sunshine is easy to convince to do bad things. I had to spread the love tho. I love my staff. I had my favorite: two sugar donuts. Yes, two.

It was also filled with getting ShopKick points and entering to win via Instagram. I got points from Marshalls and for purchasing Courtney and I these cute luggage tags.

I was also good with ordering off the light menu and resisted getting a beer at BJ's when I got some time with good friends and my Little Loves. 

And I met up with my cousin that works at Menlo Grill at the Stanford Park Hotel and didn't finish my cocktail but killed my specially ordered fruit bowl. Thanks, Cugino!

Saturday was a no gym morning but I was headed to Bodega Bay (blog post) It was filled with an easy hike with my ex-Roomie and Bevo along the coast and playing in the surf at Bodega Head and squats at night. This is my favorite pic of the weekend.

The day was filled with chocolate mousse, bread, butter, wine and dessert. I had to go for a jog Sunday morning. I am so glad I did. I went back to the parking lot at Bodega Head and jogged the same trail we did yesterday. It was only 1.67 miles but at least I did it.

I had my earphone in, started my JLo Pandora station and hit start on my Runkeeper app. After the first hump, I was a little distracted by the beautiful ocean below and could hear the strong waves crashing over the music. I hit pause. I wanted to take in everything around me. When do I ever get to go this? 

I finished my jog. I could have done another lap to make it a 5K as I intended but all I really wanted to do was sit on the edge, listen to the waves crash and remember how lucky I am to live where I do. California is so beautiful.

We had a delicious breakfast at the Sandpiper Restaurant, drove up to Jenner, Ca and then took 116 east to 101. We stopped at Sift Cupcakes. The Stuf Muffin and Pink Champagne cupcakes are the best. They were on Cupcake Wars.

Then before a nap, I met up with Best Friend and his friend at Fieldwork in Berkeley. I had half of a Petit Verdot gosa.

Now onto Week 8. Less than two weeks until Vegas! 


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