#250KChallenge Week 6

The day after Valentine's Day and working 7 days a week, you sleep in. I slept in til 12:30 in the afternoon. Actually, I got up at 8 am, changed into gym clothes, walked The Beeves and then decided to go back to sleep...until the afternoon. Why? Because I'm a damn adult!

It was a gorgeous day and I haven't had a weekday off in a long time so I decided to take Bevo for a longer walk than usual.  He deserves it. It took us 25 minutes to walk .8 miles because he, unlike me, takes time to smell the roses. He enjoyed rolling around in the grass and meeting new people. In that way, he's like me. Meaning meeting people, not the grass. Before we got home, he wanted a break but I pushed him to actually make it home with me. He enjoyed the cool kitchen tile.

I then did abs in my room. I was running out of time. I promised my roommate wend go grab a beer. He is often home and doesn't have family nearby and I'm rarely home. So we went to Brats & Brews down the street. I had #allthebeer of course. The flight is the best way to try all of them!

Then I headed into the city to meet up with Rachel to shop for Vegas, grab some grub and watch 'How to be Single.' 

The ice cream was not my plan all along, I don't care what you say! The movie had some funny parts but my favorite chick flick is The Other Woman. I felt I completely related to the sister. Older, independent, works a lot and deeps down wants a family and thinks she just might have to do it on her own one day. Mind you, the adorable, young funny guy - Can I have him??? Please? 

After the not-as-empowering-of-a-movie as I wished it was, we headed out thru the clean Westfield Shopping Mall that apparently expanded over the years and found our way to Market Street where the red lanterns for Chinese New Year decorated the streets.  

I drove Rachel home and almost drove to the beach to just think. I am trying to figure things out, where I want to be and how I'm going to have it all. I have everything I need but I want more. Given that it was almost midnight, I headed home instead.

Tuesday - I had to go into work early as I thought Sunshine wasn't going to be there on time. But since it was such a wonderful day, I decided to go for a run. Mind you I haven't ran since Halloween when I pinned a bunny tail to my ass and attempted to wear the ears. I rocked my Shredz crop top sweater but wore a pink tank underneath. My midsection needs major work. But off I went at a slow pace.  I didn't make great time and my knees started to hurt. I ran 2.25 miles. More like jogged, but I am going to do my first 5K this year. I should register for that. Thanks to my roommate for providing me some of us MuscleMilk shake. It was definitely a treat.

I also met my 10,000 steps on my FitBit for the day in my new Nine West heels. I took Merk, Tara & John to go see The Illusionists at The Orpheum. It was a very entertaining show. My staff deserves a night out sometimes. Thanks to SHN and the cast of the show for making it happen.

We ended up at Mr. Tipple's for dinner and drinks and to wait for a former coworker of ours to show up for her birthday. In the mean time, two member from The Illusionists walked in! The Deceptionist, James More, and The Weapon Master, Ben Blaque. Ooooh! How cool. Being shameless, I approached their table and introduced myself. We had a nice conversation. I was really interested in their travels, places they have seen, stories they wished to share, where they were from. James is British and Ben is from Missouri. (Oh, Missouri.) "Are you journalist?" I was clearly asking a lot of questions. It was cool that they had questions for me too. I invited them to come to DW. Hopefully they decide to swing by. During the show, from afar, he looked like someone I would date. "I think I dated him," I whispered to Merk. He then got into a box and he was squeezed and shortened. "Yeah, I definitely dated him." 

I apologized if I was interfering with their post-show relaxation time but they kept my card and I hope they do come by DW sometime before their show ties up this week. They were nice enough to let me take a pic with them.

And had to brag about it on IG.

Then I spent some time with my staff and the beautiful birthday girl, Maritza.

Wednesday - just abs at home. Kind of had an emotional day. I was going to go home early and hit the gym but it was raining and there was so much traffic going home. So I stayed at work and waited it out a bit.

Thursday - I was still a little anxious and wasn't hungry.  But I knew I had to get some exercise in so I prepped myself for what I needed to get done and communicate that day and put on my Brooks.

I went for another slow jog and only got 1.6 miles in because it started to rain. I didn't want to get sick. I have a weekend in Bodega Bay next weekend and Vegas in mid-March. Not time to get sick!

The stressful part of the day was done and though it didn't go the way I wanted it to, there was some relief where I didn't have to wonder anymore. I have great friends, I decided to only work 8 hours that day and the team went out that night to celebrate Anna's birthday at The Frogery. Good times. Yes, more drinking.

Friday - I just did abs at home in the morning. Been kinda slacking off. Keiko came to visit. I haven't made it to church in awhile so it's been awhile since I've seen him.  FYI, he has an amazing voice. I'll have to find his Facebook page.

I finally also met Angelina that evening. We have been conversing via Twitter. I can't remember how we began chatting but I do remember her tweeting me saying that she has seen me in traffic on 24. She knew it was me because of my LNLYBYS license plate. Then the funny thing is that one of the friends she was dining with actually met my business partner when she picked him up her Uber. Funny how we meet people.

With DW now past its first six months and no serious relationship was solidified, (ay, me,) I wanted to book my international trip for the year to continue the tradition and fulfill my 2016 resolutions. I absolutely loved Italy but have also wanted to go to Bordeaux and drink lots of wine. I have been spending a lot of time with Courtney. She's young, fun, so happy and positive and is making a killing at DW. When she came in that night, I pulled her aside to ask her a question. And as expected, her answer was an immediate and ecstatic YES, and she also chose Italy. So Italy it is!

I immediately looked at Groupon because the emails for trips just seem too good to be true. But I searched what they had available and there was a 12-day 4-city trip with hotel, train rides and airfare for $2,100 per person. Sounds like a steal! I told her I found a good one and I got the ok to book it! So we're headed off to Rome, Florence, Venice and Milan in October! I have been to Rome and Venice but now I'll have be able to see more of these beautiful cities. I am looking forward to seeing Michaelangelo's David in Florence and shopping in Milan. I cannot wait!

Saturday - It  also RJ's 18th birthday but I didn't hear of any plans. He's my Cugino's son. I remember when he was just a baby at my high school graduation. 

It was also my best friend's birthday but she called me the night before to tell me not to come out for an event for her work and see the kids. So I went to Femme Fitcamp with Courtney, though a little late, but it was leg day and she killed it's.

Afterwards, we all went to make use of our other Groupon at Boxing 4 Health in Oakland. It's such a great class, has me sweating my ass off. Good thing I started jogging again this week because Miguel made us run. My favorite part is hitting that bag! Feels incredible.

Court & I went back to Ikaros for the grilled octopus and had gyro sandwiched. I only ate half of the pita soo good and the server is so cute. We then got more steps in and went to Emeryville and got ShopKick points! I needed  a foot roller because I've been getting pains in both of my feet lately. I got that and two shaker bottles at Sports Authority. Love it. Then we walked to Best Buy, got more ShopKick points and then Target for household items and scanning items for points. Court is working towards Nike gift cards, while I am always looking to travel and am working for those Hyatt gift cards. I'm at 11,000 points now and can get one but I'm saving it up.  I used my first cards that I earned to help pay for the hotel in New Orleans late last year. 

Then I took a nap and got ready to see my other 'Best Friend,' Marshall. Thought we'd go explore the city some more. We started at DW for the delicious black truffle pasta and some Yamizaki 12-year whisky, and he loves the Coconut IPA by Fieldwork in Berkeley. Yes, the evening was going to be filled with comedy, drinking and music. We went to a comedy show, Whitechapel to see Maritza, Mr. Tipple's is a new favorite spot of mine and then back to DW.  Good times.

Sunday - just unbelievably sore. So damn sore. Stairs are not my friend today. I got caught up on sleep, some errands and cleaned up a lot. Tomorrow, definitely waking up early to get a good amount of cardio and back day! I love back day. Because I bought my first Bunny Couture bikini and a few dresses from Hot Miami Styles for Vegas. Have just over two weeks until we are Vegas bound. #vegasbutt

Goal this week - work out everyday and lay off the booze. We have quite a few parties this week so no time to drink. I need to eat better. Drink lots of water.  Wish me luck!


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