Let's Hike 2015

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This post is long overdue. This year has been quite hectic with opening up DWSF, the #200KTransform challenge with Bodybuilding.com, and traveling. Poor me, right? The goal was to hike once a month. It's a new activity I started with my ex-Roomie in 2012. The activity allows me to be social and catch up with friends and meet new people while exploring hills, streams and valleys in my own backyard and get a work out in. And we usually reward ourselves with some grub and a beer afterwards in the same neck of the woods. Here is 2015's log, a continuation of the last few years' found here.

Purisima Creek Redwoods
Such a pretty and hilly route. Good times with Nikki, Tatiana, Jeremy and Tanya. Tanya brought her selfie stick so that alone was pretty funny. We even ran into a large group and Tanya was being her friendly self. We thought the group was an Events and Adventures outing. Perhaps it was! I remember seeing someone wearing a Boston Terrier beanie. I've never seen one before so that person was pretty cool in my book. After the 7.5-mile hike, we went to the Half Moon Bay Brewery for their delicious crab sandwich and beer. What a great day.

I have never been on Angel Island and what better way to explore it than to go for a hike. Coordinating this was interesting because there are limited ferries and when they fill up, they take off. The group was coming from all different directions. Nate really enjoyed going hiking with us in Palo Alto last year so he was excited to go again with me, Cugino and Angela. I know it's hard to pack up a family of five and travel across the Golden Gate Bridge but we missed our originally scheduled ferry to the island. I know Christy was driving like a madwoman to make it, but we made the next one. I just felt bad that I had to rush Christy and Cesar so we didn't miss our return ferry, otherwise we would have been on the island for an extra hour. Drill Sergeant role to keep them moving. Nate ran most of The Dish last time. I had to pick him up for a big hill but he had a lot of energy. This time around, he wanted to be carried so he was on his parents' shoulders and I pushed Arya in the stroller. Christina and I jogged when we could. #200KTransform was still happening! Needed to burn some calories!

The views were gorgeous, the company was wonderful. Cugino brought his selfie stick and we had a a really good time.

I love this one. All the offspring of immigrants running for the border. Someone commented on this pic on my Instagram. They actually saw this pic being taken. Love these people. So much fun!

Really cool but probably haunted buildings, but loved the open windows. Thought it'd be fun, creative shot for the ladies. Plus Nate.

Golden Gate behind us!

We topped off the day with a late lunch in Tiburon and celebrating Christy's birthday.

Mt. Tamalpais - A trail I haven't done before with Nikki, her mother and Tatiana. The year before, Christina and I went to the peak of Mt. Tam. This one started off in the middle, went down to Stinson Beach and then back up. We had a great time. I met Nikki thru my aunt and Nikki's mother also knows her, as well as my cousins, Shanti and Nolan. It was great to hear nice things about my loved ones from someone I have never met before.

Watch out for the cyclists on the road while traveling up to and out of the area. I dated a really cute cyclist so be careful! It might be him! I now have a different opinion of these lean, spandex wearing folks and try to be more patient while they take up room on such narrow, windy roads that I enjoy driving in my Si.

The hike was beautiful. Anytime I get a peek of the ocean, my breath is taken away and I push further  wanting to see more of it. It's definitely rewarding. 

The hike had stairs. How cute is Nikki's mom flexing as well. Nikki, Tatiana and I were doing the #200KTransform challenge.

And a ladder! A first for me!

Since we weren't going to see each other again after this and the #200KTransform challenge was going to end soon, we had to take an after picture together. Check out the guns! 

Oops. Was too busy. Fail. But did two in October!

Redwood Regional Park - This was great quality time with my Nikki B. and Bevo. Since things have been crazy hectic with DWSF and I missed April entirely, I HAD to get in a hike in May. And I love spending time my Nikki B. Two years ago, we started a list of things we can do together. We can explore things in my neck of the woods that is the East Bay, and she can show me what the North Bay is all about, plus we can explore San Francisco together. I resent the list to her last week and we have not been able to make a dent in it. However what we have accomplished is something I don't have with any other friend. We made it a point to schedule time, at least once a quarter, to see each other and catch up on each others' lives. We take turns going up to each other's neck of the woods. She has been a wonderful friend, full of good advice and life, is funny, spontaneous, active, adventurous and open minded and flexible, which means understanding of the craziness that is my life sometimes.  And she's motivating as hell. I signed up to the 30-day fat burn challenge on BodyRock.tv with her. It starts June 1st.  It's on, Chica!

The hike was nice but it was a little muddy. I actually found it thru a Tweet by Oakland Parks and Rec, highlighting 365 Dog Hikes.com This hike is perfect for dogs. There were so many dog walkers and dogs off the leash. Unfortunately, I don't trust Bevo enough to stick with me so he remained on the leash. I was worried that he'd pull me down the slopes like I felt he did at the Black Diamond Mines in November but he was pretty good. We went for 6.7 miles. I thought I was definitely going to have to carry him the last quarter way but he did really well and hope to take him on more hikes. He definitely deserved joining us because I have been really busy. He needed some good exercise, fresh air and social time. Usually when he's tired after some time at the dog park or at Happy Hound, he'll head straight to the floor on the passenger side of my car and wait for me to turn up the AC real high. He did that same thing after the hike and occasionally had a hard, almost drunk-like, time getting up and down from the passenger seat. Poor thing, but it was amusing to me.

We reached the Redwood Bowl. This was our point to start heading down.

But first, let us take a selfie. LOVE this girl to pieces.
Reppin' Bay Area teams!
JUNE? - DWSF opened it's doors on June 26th. But will be doing two hikes in December!
JULY? - Busy
AUGUST? - Busy. Right? I can't remember. Have to go thru my photos.

Land's End and a beach day with Nikki B. It was my birthday month and my sweetheart of a friend brought me an iced mojito from Philz, a breakfast burrito and met me out by the beach. We were going to have a day at the beach but wandered around and found ourselves exploring around The Clift House, the Sutro Baths, found ourselves at the Labyrinth at Land's End and completed it, found ourselves a golf course and wandered around the grounds of a Veteran's hospital. We then definitely worked up an appetite and went to eat at The Clift House. While we were waiting for our table, we went next door and spent majority of our time looking at old photos of the beautiful city of San Francisco. She is going back to school for engineering to 'build shit' and we saw photos people standing in not-so-safe places while building the Golden Gate Bridge. The protective friend in me said she is not allowed to do that. She made no promises. 
After our lunch, we grabbed the cooler from my car and our stuff to hang out on the beach on this beautiful day.
God, I love this city.
Love my Shredz supplements. And the free bag...and being on the beach. No better place in the world. And of course I love my Nikki B. She's been an amazing friend. Will still try to convince to take the 'safe' engineering gigs.

Hike #1 for October
So this woman, my ex-Roomie, the woman that can do Mission Peak without any water and Cross-fit chick, is now pregnant! Not in these pics but is now! I am going to be an auntie. Again! :) Pregnancy is going to be a walk in the park for her. Or a hike to Mission Peak, that is. Well, this hike was after a nice brunch in Oakland. We then headed up to a different part of Anthony Chabot Regional Park for about a 5-mile hike. The trees were so tall, the weather was wonderful and we even ran into horses! I fed them both! I can't remember their names for the life of me but I had to be instructed on how to feed them carrots as one was pretty grabby. But it was a success. 

Pigtails seem to be my hiking hairdo.
She's going to be a great mom. That makes two of my friends that are pregnant now.

Hike #2 for October
Did it finally slow down at DWSF? Possibly. I was clocking in 80 hours a week so major fail onthe previous months to even get a hike in. There was news that in early November, a part of the old Bay Bridge was going to be blown up. I have been wanting to do this trail and it wasn't very long or hard at all. I should have ran it but nah. It was a big group and it was a bit chilly. I had three layers on. Ji-Young came to meet us on her bike since she lives just in Emeryville. Cugino, Angela and the boys came from Burlingame. Tanya and Ana from San Leandro and Oakland. And Nikki B. came from the North Bay but picked up Tatiana in the city. And off we went after a pain in the ass to get to the parking lot. The security switched up so they were sending some folks on the wrong path. But we were on our way.
Walking alongside the old bridge was kind of spooky like walking thru a graveyard. We all have crossed that bridge countless times. I remember reading in the back of my mom's Sprint as a kid going over to Treasure Island or to the family house on Bonview, I remember my rear swing and hit the railing in my '87 Nissan Sentra on a rainy day but corrected it just in time and who could forget a portion of it collapsing during the '89 earthquake?

Walking along the traffic is so loud and it gets breezy so layer it up!
And we made it to the tower! Love my Cugino. #SHRIMPS!
And my fitness inspiration and motivators, Nikki B. and Tatiana. They do squats, I chill out. HA!
The gang. We made it. See how bundled up we are. But that gorgeous sky!
We went off to Plank at Jack London Square afterwards for beer and games. DO NOT bowl there. You'll twist your knee, says the bowling snob.

Another hike in the Oakland hills. This time it was just Bevo and I for a 4 mile hike at a different section of Anthony Chabot Regional Park. It was cooooold! I had to bundle up and Bevo had his normal snauzeberries during the hike. That's what I call the white bubbles that form around his nose when it's cold. We parked at the Chabot Equestrian Center off of Skyline Blvd. Here's the Beeves checkin' out the horse.
Reppin' my Giants. It was cold! Another three layers were needed.
It was just us on the trail and came across a handful of people. One guy scared the shit out of me when we were going up a hill. He was running and I didn't hear his steps or breathing, except for a late 'excuse me' as I got in his way thinking I was all alone. My bad, Over Achiever. Speaking of, then two men on bikes were killin' it up the hill. Oh man, I was thinking I was seriously out of shape. But the views were beautiful! 

Anytime walking up and down the hills of San Francisco is a hike. Had a wonderful date with Kaptain on a rare weekday and we took advantage. We ended up at the Presidio. I haven't explored much of it. Apparently there's the George Lucas museum? It has definitely changed a lot. The last time I was on these grounds were to watch Fourth of July fireworks with KJ several years ago so I was excited to explore. Being born and raised in the Bay Area, there's so much I haven't seen.

We took an Uber from MidMarket and was dropped off in a deserted area. I thought I would definitely see zombies coming around the corner of a building in a distance. I blame Will for getting me into The Walking Dead. We stopped off at the Log Cabin which would be cool for a picnic or group outing. It had a great view of the city.

We walked and walked and came across the cemetery. It was peaceful but crazy how old these headstones were. The ones I looked closer at were from the 10th and 11th century. 
We went further around and saw the typical military housing that reminded me so much of Cugino's house on Treasure Island when we were kids. I vividly remember the units' floor plan and how we used to play out front, climb the tree and the large open grassy area on the other side of the fence of their little patio. We watched an older gentleman tee off at the golf course. I dodged cyclists in Spandex and we found an old playground with a view of the bay and watched the sunset fall behind the hills of Land's End

More hikes to come in 2016! Which ones do you recommend?


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