#StillInIt But Still the Same?

Six weeks ago on April 20, 2015, Justin and I did a second Bodybuilding.com fitness challenge together. This time, I got Megan Z. and Dylan to participate. The 12-week #200KTransform challenge was great. I saw some changes, I was dedicated and felt out of it when I didn't work out. I had a goal in mind and I think I kicked some butt. This time, it was more of a challenge to stick with being #StillInIt even though I had more support. I was still on the Shredz supplements with Angela and Marissa and was able to lose the 4 pounds I gained after a week in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, so my body did bounce back.

Week 1 - April 20, 2015
Weight: 114.2
BMI: 21.6
Fat: 19.4
Muscle: 35.1

Besides drinking a whole lot of Mezcal and beer and eating all the ceviche in Playa Del Carmen for 7 days, I had other distractions. I was preparing to leave my job to work for DWSF, and the below opportunities also presented themselves.

St. George Single Malt Whiskey was available in the tasting room. It's hard to find. My friend, Brian, gave me a heads up that on a particular Thursday, this was going to be available to taste. It wasn't available for sale but as my future is destined to be all things food and beverage, I had to take advantage of this opportunity. So I did. And it was honey on my tongue. Dylan wanted to try this when he, 'Best Friend' and I came in for a tasting and tour a few weeks earlier. Definitely take the tour if possible. Sam is incredibly knowledgeable and makes the experience super fun. And if you own the movie Deep Blue Sea like I do, you'll want to check out the prop they have back there.

And I have been craving donuts...and pizza, and banana cream pie, and sour strawberry belts. What you put into your body plays a big part when trying to reach your fitness goals. Justin, my fellow #StillInIt contender, and my favorite, annoying lawyer and friend, Ivan, were no help. After we had pizza and beer at Lanesplitter's in Berkeley, there was a donut shop next door. Oh, SnapChat. (@bappletree)

It was a lot of work trying to get the law office I was working for ready for the transition. Mostly because I had all the tasks I do on the regular for the past seven years were procedurely in my head and not on paper, the transition wasn't as smooth for the new Office Manager. My bad! Doing what I could caused me to drink. Thank goodness I was able to convince my 'Sobrino' and silly Clerk, Albert, to join me. He calls me 'Tia Bernie' because he found out that my niece and nephew call me that, and also because he knows I was around when email was invented. The little shit. And I say that in the most loving way possible. He's hilarious, a good guy and off to law school in Boston. We have a good time and know how to kill a seashell full of liquor at Trader Vic's.

Then there are moments that remind me of what I want and it keeps me motivated. My second cousin, Ricky, participated in his first fitness competition in Hayward. I worked that morning, went to the show for preliminaries, tried to go into the city to work but Bart was too much a pain in the ass, then came home to work more and unexpectedly went back to see if he placed. Ricky didn't but he looked great out there and was calm and confident. And you can't beat that smile! His uncle, my Cousin Marvin, was a fitness competitor as well so it's in the blood. People have asked me if I will someday be entering my own competition. Hmmm, one day. But so far, this challenge tells me I have A LOT of work to do. But congrats to Ricky! Keep at it! Follow his journey on Instagram at "_r1ckyg_"

Another way to motivate me is too get some cute work out gear like Cali Muscle. This California girl has a new love for pink, but have always loved muscle and lately have been dating men more on the fit side. I bought these two pieces at Ricky's competition. I also have Shredz and Bodybuilding.com gear. Love it!

Then the challenge continues at home when Bevo thinks it's playtime when I'm on my yoga mat. Lately I have been working at home because I just don't have the time I used to drive to the gym and spend over an hour there. I have dumbbells up to 30 lbs but would love the BodyRock HIIT bar and 35-lb. set of weights. PLEASE! :) The HIIT videos are great and are really challenging. If I can't master those, then I still have a lot of work to do. Nikki B. and I will be starting the 30-day fat burn challenge tomorrow. Let's see how that goes!

So no more excuses! Another challenge begins June 1st. I have to try to push harder, eat better and make the time.

They say it's best to have a partner on this journey. Nikki, Angela, Marissa and now Christy and I are still sharing photos post work out. Love my Victoria's Secret sports bra, my Bodybuilding.com tank and my Shredz BCAAs. Yes, they get the ugly, all natural, sweat dripping photos. 

AND they get silly ones like the one below. Don't mind the messy room and look at Bevo's face! So funny. I actually like this one, tho it's a bit dark.  I think the pictures do help the girls and it has been a really fun exchange. Some nice things they have been said:

"Haha, I owe you a huge thank you for tonight. I would not have gotten off the couch if it wasn't for knowing that I owed you a post workout pic, and that if you sent me one and I didn't have one to send back when I should, I would let my partner down! You got me to the gym tonight and I'm so glad. I may feel crappy but I would only have felt worse if I didn't go. Now I feel accomplished and like we're still in it together, every day!"

"Seeing results is a definite motivator! Thanks so much for getting me into this!"

"I don't do Twitter (to get the Shredz discount) But thanks!! You motivate me!"

"This is the longest I've stuck to exercising and eating right, regularly, it's definitely a lifestyle change."

Then this Little Love of mine is a motivator as well. She is not even two-years-old and she's independent and lifts weights like her Tia Bernie.  I have pictures of her carrying full gallon water jugs and other heavy items. She's going to lift like her mommy and Tia. Here I am rockin' my new Cali Muscle gear and getting a work out carrying and tossing her around just to make her smile.

So, post #StillInPics were posted on Bodybuilding.com and there's really nothing to show here so I'm not going to. You can't see a difference. The stats aren't drastically different but they are better. I just need to get that body fat percentage down. So here are the numbers:

Week 6 - May 31, 2015
Weight: 112.6
BMI: 21.3
Fat: 18.6
Muscle: 35.3

Week 1 - April 20, 2015
Weight: 114.2
BMI: 21.6
Fat: 19.4
Muscle: 35.1

Thanks for reading. I hope this has motivated you to get off the couch and get on the floor and do some crunches while watching your favorite TV show, to take the stairs instead of waiting for the elevator in a parking garage or even stop yourself from complaining about parking too far from the mall entrance when hello! you're just going to be walking all around the mall anyways. When I first started this post, I thought I didn't really have anything worth mentioning. But in reality, I do! Small changes are still considered progress. Now go and make the change, no matter how small.

Next goal: Lower that Body Fat %
What's your goal?


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