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Credit to Anastasia Amour. Found this on Pinterest.

I was inspired today by a post I found in the Blogger Outreach group on Google+ posted by a young, Ms. Brooke out of Seattle, Washington. I was on the hunt to surpass the number of page views I had last month. I was shy of doing so with just under a hundred views. I was close! But June will be much different.

I realized that I didn't have any blog goals. Blogging has taken a backseat to everything that has been going on lately but it has gotten some increased attention without much effort and I am not sure why. Just in May, my posts on Beer, Wine, Fitness and Shopkick have received the most hits. Readers in the United States view my posts, then people from Germany. Hello! Perhaps I should learn some German. My posts on the reality show, the Bad Girls Club, continues to be posts the ones that have received the most hits of all time since 2009. And I must thank Google for being the search engine that brings me readers. I am grateful!

So goals... I have added to my existing Excel sheet to track my progress but also incorporated current stats on Twitter followers, Pinterest posts, likes and followers, Google+ followers and views, and Instagram followers. My URL to this blog can be found on all three of those social media sites/apps. The goal is to increase the numbers by 10% each month. That is a lot of activity but I'll try! Since this is strictly blog post goals, I will focus on growing blog hits.

June 2015 Goals 
 - post at least 10 times.
 - 50% of those posts need to be food and beverage focused as DWSF will be my entire life
 - 20% of those posts need to be San Francisco related, ideally Mid-Market area
 - hit 10% more views than in May

2015 Goals
 - Have a food and beverage focused post be on the list of Top 10 posts of all time
 - Increase the blog followers by 60%
 - Increase Bloglovin followers by 1000%. Just signed up today, 5/31.

Think these are attainable? 
Too easy? 
Not challenging enough? 
Do you have any suggestions?

Off I go!


August 10, 2015 Update:
So I miserably failed at making my June Goals. I just haven't had the time. I am working at least 70 hours a week, commuting, taking on new roles, doing a variety of tasks, I need time to study for the Italian Wine Specialist course beginning in November and have just started the #MyNextLevel fitness challenge with I'm not sure how much time I will be able to blog but please follow me on Twitter or Instagram - both usernames are '@bappletree'. One day, I'll more time to blog. Wish me luck!


  1. Loving these blog posts, it's so important to set goals but yet also stay true to who we are and not be number crazy!! I need to work on my goals as well!


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