I Heart Free Jewelry

Well, it hasn’t arrived yet but at this past weekend’s bridal show in Santa Clara with my former bride and client, Kristin, we came across many great vendors. We spent quite a bit of time at the table of Natalie V. and Stella & Dot. Honestly, what caught my eye before I even said hello was their cupcakes and I just took one. Oops. But we looked over their sample displays and I really wanted to try some on but I knew I shouldn’t be spending any money. I was wearing a necklace I just purchased at Francesca’s Collections on Thursday so my jewelry/personal allowance was done for the month… or quarter.

They had so many nice pieces. Kristin commented on the bridal set that she wished she had for her wedding and I loved all the bling with black. I have made an effort to stay away from purchasing anything fashionable that was black in color. The new necklace I was wearing was orange and I really picked out what I was wearing that day just to wear that necklace. I foresee myself doing that more and more. I think I really haven’t put much effort into being fashionable because we just bought a house, we’re trying to make renovations and save money for a wedding and a family soon after. And plus, DB never really notices when I actually put more effort than usual into my appearance anyways. I did buy jewelry last week as the first step to put more effort into myself, my appearance, how I feel, and be more girly. Today I am wearing a purple and gold necklace and earring set with my deep purple button up from Express, a black skirt and my black Cole Haans.

Two paragraphs and no mention of FREE jewelry? Hold on! At the Stella & Dot booth, Kristin was signing up for hosting a trunk show to earn up to $250 worth of free jewelry and 50% off on up to 4 pieces. I was speaking to Natalie more about how the business works. From developing BeeMWellness, I wanted to learn more about how they made money… AND get free jewelry because pretty things are always nice to have. I was given an opportunity magazine and moved onto the next few booths where I was complimented on my necklace. I “dressed up a casual outfit.” Score. That night, I read thru the entire magazine, made a call on my way into work to Natalie, exchanged texts and she put me in touch with her upline, Dawn, who answered all my questions. Twenty-four hours later, I signed up, placed my order for $350 worth of FREE jewelry to wear and to display at trunk shows I’ll be booking and got 50% OFF everything I wanted. You just can’t beat that!

So, now I’m waiting for my order to arrive so I can start feeling fabulous. I am looking to host my Launch Show soon in my new home, but if you’d like to take advantage of a MAY special and be my first few trunk shows, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

When you book a trunk show with me in the month of May, you can earn an average of $250 PLUS a $50 bonus in free jewelry and 50% off additional pieces. Aim to have at least 10 people in attendance. The more you invite, the more will come, the more they buy and the more jewelry credit you will earn. And all while just hanging out with friends, some apps and a glass of wine or champagne.

I’m excited to start chatting it up with you ladies and brides about Stella & Dot. Please contact me for more information. Located in the San Francisco Bay Area and willing to travel!


WHO will be my first hostess for a Trunk Show?


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