#MyFitSquad 2016

So let's be real here, I did not reach #MyNextLevel. But it's my birthday week and I'm getting another year older. The bid is not where I want it to be. I need to get my BMI and fat percentage down. My clothes are not fitting the way I want them to.

I did up my cardio and really wanted to do my first 5K race as I never fulfilled that resolution last year. I was able to run a 5K but not during an official race. The last time I did before recently was on Halloween in bunny ears and a bunny tail. I can get back to it easily. I ran over a mile and had to stop last month. The next time I did, I ran a 5K. I was pretty proud of myself.

But 10 or so days ago, the top of my left foot started to hurt that I had a nice pimp walk. It got so bad that I saw a doctor and she asked me to go get an x-ray. The results came back a few hours later and I have arthritis and need to see a podiatrist. No running for me. I will have to find ways to get my cardio in. So I think I will try cycling.

I have #MyFitSquad to keep me going. I have Court Court, Cristen, Crystal and Erika.

The challenge is 8 weeks and fortunately unfortunately I have a trip to Paso Robles with a lot of wine drinking and a trip to Italy with more wine and all the pasta  during that time. It will be challenging but let's see if I can balance this out. It'd be nice to win some money.

Wish us luck! Feel free to find me on Bodyspace 'bappletree'

Lost 8.2 pounds and 3.5% body fat and up'd a bit in muscle. Progress! So ready for 30 Days of Fit, the next challenge. 

Round Table's garlic Parmesan twists seem to be my first craving after a fitness challenge is done. But I couldn't resist getting a salad too.


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