Maui 2016 - Day 3

It's my Papa Bear's birthday! The whole reason why I came to surprise him in Maui. I was there two years ago with my Lola and celebrated his birthday with him. It was nice to be a part of this celebration again.

2014 at Longhi's
I fell asleep on the couch, sleepily made my way to temporary wonderful room where I woke up to a view of the fruits growing on the trees outside my window. I found my Papa Bear cleaning the pool on his birthday.

"Why didn't you carry me to my bedroom?" I used to fall asleep to watching Annie on a VHS a lot and I loved getting carried to bed. He was turning older and I'm sure part of him, like me, wanted to go back in time, even if it was temporary.

Papa Bear continued his chores and I didn't go for a run. I just stretched and was mesmerized by the clouds moving above me.

The flowers I gave my Stepmom were blooming.

After another delicious lunch by my Stepmom, Papa Bear wanted to get some rest, his siesta. He went up and I wanted to go north and check out Kapalua again. I invited my Stepmom and she wanted to go. Then she invited Papa. He whined a little bit and she called him a party pooper. On his birthday. It was funny. My poor Papa. Can't get to do what he wants on his birthday. But I know he also wanted to spend time with me.

We took my rental and he drove. We stopped at the Kapalua Plantation where houses start at $5 million and on a golf course. We stop at the clubhouse and inquired about grabbing a drink or appetizer to take in the gorgeous view. Unfortunately, they only allowed this at the bar top. Unlike me, they preferred not to sit there.

We were headed to Merriman's nearby but parking was busy. Papa says it usually clears up after 4 PM. We then went to the Pineapple Grill and sat on the patio. The name reminded me of The Pineapple Bar & Grill at City Beach in Fremont, California. It's where I met Kristian, my Business Partner, and many good friends. Read more about it HERE.

The menu had draft beers and I knew majority of them. Out of the ones I wasn't aware of, I asked for just a taste of the Beniaka Sweet Potato Premium Lager from the Coedo Brewery in Japan. I haven't had anything like it. It was odd. Then I went with the Lilikoi Specialty Punch.

As Papa said, the parking lot near Merriman's was a bit more open with guests heading home from the beach and getting ready for dinner. We found a spot, walked passed the beach and decided to sit on their large patio with a view of the ocean. It was absolutely gorgeous. I loved these private seating areas with a fire pit and cushions. I wonder what their food and beverage minimum is to sit there.

You  just can't go wrong with this view. And with live music? Heaven on earth.

One of my favorite pictures of my Papa Bear and I. He does not look 62. And retired for that matter. He retired early. Smart man, wouldn't you say? I hope to follow in his footsteps.

I had to have their Mai Tai. I haven't had one. It was strong. No complaints here. Our server was awesome. Great personality and tied well with mine. When we wanted the bill, I told him that I'm breaking up with him and that I need the bill.

Then we headed back to the house and allowed Papa his siesta. I sat out on the deck and browsed the real estate that was available by the pool. I would love property easily accessible to the beach. That $5M price tag could be doable...right?  Goals. My mind was churning.

Then it was dinner again at Longhi's. Two years ago, we sat on the second floor and had a wonderful view without the passerbyers drooling over our dishes. Regardless, the service and food were great. It was really warm. The same bottle we had two years was still on the menu but a different vintage. They provide you bread, we ordered the roasted cauliflower and the huge seafood and pomodoro pasta with a whole lobster, prawns, clams, calamari and mussels. Delicious and carb filled.


Sunset with all the tourists

Then we did the usual thing of sitting out on the deck by the pool and chatting. Papa has made a wonderful life for himself. I was soaking in all the information I could. Not only was this trip all about love and family, but it was also motivational.

Day 4 - coming soon


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