Wine Log 2016 - Q1

Quarter one of 2106 has come and gone. This may not be very informative but there has been so much wine, beer and liquor accessible to me that it's too much to write on every single time however this is my attempt. These pictures have triggered some delicious memories and good times. I am sure there are many that I have missed. I hope this encourages you to drink more wine, pair it with delicious dishes and create and share your own wine-induced memories.

Syrah 2014

Classy photo, right? Sometimes my Wine Director gets bottles for her to try. I believe this was one of them. I didn't have a cup outside my office in our service station but we did have soup spoons for our Ramen. You have to work with what you got, right? 


The second Chardonnay that I can recall that I actually loved. The first was by Savannah Channelle in Saratoga, CA. DW was part of SF Restaurant Week and one of the dishes was a Pan Seared Branzino and expertly paired with this white wine. I knew Tara was great at what she does but I looked at her after I tasted this combo in amazement. So good. Well done, Tara.


Another item on DW's SF Restaurant Week menu was a homemade donut with foie gras glaze paired with this Riesling. Both were delicious. Notice the before and after photos of this poor but tasty donut.

Pinot Noir

Now a few photos in and I really do live a hard life, don't I? Another option at DW for SF Restaurant Week was the roasted Muscovy duck breast paired with a Pinot Noir. If you don't know already from my other posts, Pinot Noirs are my favorite ever since the Navarro bottle Kristian bought me for my birthday while dining at Chez Panisse. I was torn as to which dish was my favorite from Restaurant Week. These two were going head to head and I wasn't mad about trying them multiple times. So spoiled.

Champange Rose Cru

I am not exactly sure what I thought of this at the time but you never want to say 'no' to Tara when she is willing to share some bubbles with you!


After a night of hanging out with two of The Illusionists at Mr. Tipple's, I came back to DW and had some bubbles with Kristian.

Wine training with our staff.

We were invited to a similar event we had at DW at The Metreon that highlighted Washington wines. I lived in Washington State for nine months during my freshman year in high school but have never been to areas near Walla Walla where most of the wines were from, the Southest side of the state. I was briefly in Leavenworth, Washington for my cousins wedding. I did not have a chance to explore the town as I was only there for 12 hours.

The event was fun with unique wines I have definitely never tasted before. I don't think I have ever looked at a wine list and selected a wine from the Washington region.This was a good event to get exposed to their wines. The food spread was quite impressive with a lot seafood. Delicious!

Christina and I are from DW right? Of course we were drawn to Naked Winery. King of perfect for a bachelorette party or a fun dinner date wine.

More to come...


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