#250KChallenge - Week 1

Week 1 of Bodybuilding.com's #250KChallenge is underway! Tomorrow completes the first week of this new challenge and it's going very well. My staff is involved and three of the eleven are involved this week. My girlfriends, Christy, Nikki B. and Tatiana are definitely in it. I invited the team to send me Snapchats (bappletree) when they are done working out, when they are not working out but feeling bad about it and for me to respond with congratulations and encouragement. They get a thumbs up. They also get sweaty pics. That's my body crying. 

I took my hideous BEFORE photos on Saturday and Sunday, DWSF's Pastry Chef made these two croquembouches for a special sommelier and wine event. The temptations at my restaurant are never ending! I only taste things that are bad for me. See my ongoing Beer & Wine logs. I will be allowing myself one cheat day per week but even that needs to be a bit tame to achieve the results I want. 

Sunday, I felt like death. It was the second time I have been sick that I couldn't handle it. I wanted to go home but I stuck it out. I did work from home the first day of this challenge and just did my daily squats in the afternoon. The daily squats are mini challenges that Lana, Courtney and Rachel and I are doing. I had to at least do those since I couldn't make the 6 PM group work out at Fitness SF with the team.

The next day, I went to work but also had the opportunity to see Sean Hayes from Will & Grace do an interview at the Orpheum Theater. I loved the show and Jack as a character. A former Law Clerk of mine, Reuben, used to call me 'Smitty.' This was because Karen always called every bartender Smitty. I was still bartending at Kaenyama in Fremont, CA when this came about. It's been very busy at work but the Orpheum was only a block or so away and I am constantly at on-site. I allowed myself to go and have a good time. BUT I returned back to the office afterwards. With my VIP tickets, I was proud of myself for not taking advantage of the the complimentary glass of wine.

With that event happening in the evening, I had to work out in the morning. Since I was still sick, I didn't go to the gym. I worked out at home. When that happens, Bevo just wants to play.

Wednesday came and I had to take advantage of the free pass from Fitness SF. I posted on our DW Facebook group page that I planned to go at 8:30 PM after the New Belgium 'Citradelic' release party. We had a great turnout at the event but not so much with our team. I had a few ladies willing to join me but only Courtney committed. I am so proud of her but I need to light a fire under the rest of the team. We armed up with some cardio and did back. I am obsessed with my back lately. I think  that picture of my backside at Plank in Oakland after doing the Bay Bridge trail is stuck in my head. I can see tris but have a lot to work on on my back. Motivation.

The next morning, Thursday, I did abs at home with Bevo but packed my Shredz gym bag to work out again at Fitness SF. I told Courtney that that was my plan. And guess who shows up! BUT before that, DW was having internet problems at work. Sunshine and I went around to the Starbucks across the way on Market then to the one at Hotel Whitcomb just to find out that they both covered their power outlets. Where were we supposed to work? The wi-fi at The Market isn't the best so we went to Bon Marche. We had a window seat, some food and Will, a former bartender of ours, brought us a tin of beignets, plus the wi-fi password. From that window, I saw people I see everyday, a very nice gentleman in a uniform and also The Harlem Globetrotters, also in uniform. 

I am really not trying to hide the fact that I devoured all but one of these beignets by distracting you with the thoughts of men in uniform. (But God bless them, right?!) The quince paste was almost licked clean. I clearly did not clean entirely that day.

BUT the day called for back-to-back of two workouts in one day. Courtney and I started with a warm up on the bike, focused on chest with a little on bis. We may be short girls but we are fierce! This girl was working for it. She was pushing herself, upping weight, sweating and making those faces during the struggle. I found out that I have an Elvis lip when I'm pushing to complete a rep.

I am also discovering that although it's best to keep your muscles guessing, some consistency is necessary. I solely use my scale at home and measuring tape to take my measurements and tell me my weight, BMI, muscle and body fat percentage. Using another scale won't allow me to compare apples to apples. I usually go to 24 Hour Fitness near my house and these machines at FitnessSF tell me I am not lifting as much as I think I am. Did I lose that much strength? I didn't think too much of it but don't let it get you down. You're still strong.

Friday morning, I worked out at home again. Being a bit tired from the double workouts, I did my daily squats and core, and I believe a part of a Jillian Michaels video that Rachel posted on our FB group page. I only had 15 minutes but that was a lot for my tired ass. Then I headed to work for an event planning buyout.

I didn't do legs all week as I was supposed to head up to Tahoe for my Cugino's birthday weekend at the cabin. My friend decided it wasn't best due to the weather. I am bummed I missed out but I was able to make plans to try out Christina's Fit Tips Boot Camp at Rise N Grind Fitness in Alameda, CA. I invited Courtney and she was very interested in attending. The class was at 8 AM. She lives in South City and she'd have to get up early to hop on BART and then I would pick her up. I left work around 10:30 PM, was dealing with some drama with a guy I used to date and headed to bed. I set my alarm at 6 AM and immediately hit snooze. Courtney texted me, "See you at 7:30?" That made me get my bottom out of bed. I may always be the motivator for my team but this morning, I really needed it.

I picked her up at West Oakland BART and headed out to the island that is Alameda. We were early and found some boxing gloves. We warmed up punching some bags. I have white gloves at home. I do want to take a boxing class. It's a great back work out and can release a lot of stress and frustration.

Ladies started to arrive and Christina did her job. She kicked our asses. I am going to be sore tomorrow, for sure. We did cardio, squats, burpees, jumped rope, used weighted balls, jumping jacks, etc. I got complimented on my plank position and only had to be corrected on my form once. That made me feel good. The class was great but it was tiring. Bring your A game. I am hoping to bring my ex-Roomie and Lana next time.

Also look for Court and I in Christina's images soon. A photo shoot will be taking place next week.

After the class, we needed protein. Chop Bar near Jack London Square was open. Courtney ordered the granola and I had the two eggs, substituted the potatoes for fruit but ordered some bacon. I think I deserved it.

Although the week ends at the end of day on Sunday, I will be taking measurements tomorrow morning as I have to be at work very early on Monday morning. Hopefully some progress has been made. I have been taking my Shredz supplements, eating more protein, not drinking alcohol, eating better and hitting that gym. I did go shopping today for clothes, but specifically for sports bras. I already have to do laundry tomorrow because I need more work out clothes. I also popped into other stores like Banana Republic, White House Black Market but actually tried some things on at Bebe. I picked items in a size I thought I would fit. Nope. Frustrating but motivating.

Until next week.

Weigh in told me that all this work made little difference on my body. I believe I have been eating better but I guess I really need to start tracking what I'm eating. I'm pretty bummed but I guess I have to go harder this upcoming week.

BUT Courtney Snapchatted me that she lost 4.2 pounds in one week! I couldn't be more proud of her. She stuck with me, ate better and progress was made. I just got her a little something while I was at Target: the below hair bands by Champion C9. Let's be honest, I bought myself a set too. Twinsies!

I got out of  bed today a little sore and had intentions of doing legs. But I just grabbed my book, did an hour on the bike at the gym and 200 crunches at home. It's something!

Are you doing the #250KChallenge?
How's it going?
If not, why not?


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