Venice, Italy - Day 1 Part III

Continuing to walk along the Grand Canal on the wet pavement, you can hear the water splashing against the edges and little steps leading into the water. You can hear feet making splashes in the puddles and the many different languages of tourists. The gorgeous masquerade masks caught our eye and we tried a couple on. They're so beautiful, decorative and mysterious. Who's behind the mask? I have always wanted to go to a masquerade ball.

We reached our first bridge and it was wide and covered with tourists and locals probably a tad bit irritated of so many of us being in their way. We stood at the summit, above the Grand Canal and we wanted a picture. Check! Ron wanted a picture of him clicking his heels down the stairs. Check! and Click!

We continued on and found ourselves a map. It was getting dark and it had started to rain. We didn't want to go down dark alleys so we stuck to a busy road. People were prepared with their rain boots but still had cones with gelato in their hand. We were walking a long time and didn't want to go too far or stay out too late. We stopped and thought we might be lost so we whipped out the map and tried to figure we were at. We couldn't pinpoint our location exactly but I saw a lot of people heading up these wide set of steps and it was pretty well lit. So, I thought we were close to the Rialto Bridge so we walked towards the steps to see what it was. If it wasn't anything major, we'll turn around and take the route we came back. Climbing the steps we passed many shops and there was a woman with a tripod taking photos angling down the steps. At the top, we turned to the right to see over the edge onto the water and yup, there was more water. I turned around and saw the back of the shops were painted black and there was graffiti all over them. There, we realized we were on the Rialto Bridge.

... To be continued...


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