Venice, Italy - Day 1 Part II

We arrived on the ship and were immediately greeted with champagne and mimosas. We were amazed at the view from the rear staircase down to the main floor where a band would play nightly and six glass elevators climb floors 2-14. The wrapped staircase from floor 3-4 is lit up and the game room, library and lounge can be seen above. There was so much to explore.

We found our room on the 9th floor and a balcony was really not necessary. The inside stateroom is quite comfortable and large, you will not feel claustrophobic. There were two comfy, twin beds, robes hanging in the closet, a flat screen tv, an equipped bathroom, and full fridge. Our luggage was not going to arrive for awhile so we freshened up as much as we can and grabbed something to eat at the cafe.

The food was in abundance and soo good. We have cocktails with every meal and so much to choose from, from a carving station, salad, sandwich station, and of course dessert! The lemon cod was the best..of that meal. The dining room was open seating and we chatted with an older Asian couple that sat next to a window that was wet and clearly showed how dreary Venice was. But, we decided to go out and experience the city anyways. We had to take advantage of this opportunity. Wouldn't you?

I'm so glad we did. We could have taken a taxi but we were going to wing it in this foreign land. Our goal was to get to a tall yellow building. A fence and possibly super long, roundabout way there was preventing us from a straight shot. So we walked around towards a shuttle on rails stop that was nearby. It only cost us a 1 EUR, unfortunately we only had to go one stop. We couldn't make that 1 EUR stretch. Fellow cruise patrons and seasoned travelers helped us get to the The Grand Canal.

We walked along the water and couldn't believe how beautiful all the surroundings were: old churches, cute restaurants with outdoor seating, shops, a lot of gelato spots which seemed like every 3 shops, you'd find one. We had to have some. I had a vanilla one with berries on a cone, and Ron had caffe and tiramisu. Both were so delicious. I didn't waste a drop. There are even vending machines for your sexual pleasure holding condoms, lube, and more. Kudos to Italy for encouraging safe sex by having these products easily accessible. And of course the many water boats docked or smoothly running up and down the Canal. It was an amazing feeling just being there. I couldn't believe it and I couldn't help but smile.


  1. I am so jealous!! I hope you have a great time. And don't forget to post more pictures!!


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