Giving You Thanks

November is upon us. Leaves will cover the ground, turkeys and honey hams will be ordered, and you'll see family you haven't seen all year this Thanksgiving. It's a time to give thanks for the freedoms we have, the friends we've made and the family members that provide you that unconditional love. I personally have plenty to be thankful for and a lot to celebrate from the year 2011. I acquired a new home, loved ones, family and friends are well, my little Boston continues to brighten my day, my nephew Sol & Nathanael, and niece Emma arrived into this world safely, my fiance was able to get another job in this horrible job market, I still have my current job, BUT I have taken up being a Stella & Dot Stylist this past May and have been doing very well!

As any person should show appreciation for people that have positively effected their lives, as any company should show appreciation to their valued customers, I wanted to put this event together for the people that have supported me through my latest adventure: Stella & Dot. As I have mentioned on my personal Facebook page, I have received recognition from my Director for being one with Top Sales for the past four consecutive months. Not bad, right? Especially from working on Wellness International where I absolutely loved the products but made no money or received kudos month after month. I owe that to a great company and an inspiration named Jessica Herrin, our CEO and Founder. Not to mention, to friends and family that have supported me by letting me post things on their Facebook news feed, for not 'hiding' my posts (Right?!?! =P), for letting me ask them if they want to host a trunk show with me, for asking them to LIKE my Facebook page, to inviting them to promotional events over and over again. To those who have purchased some gorgeous jewelry, or referred a friend, or am one of my wonderful hostesses, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you.

I also thank those customers and hostesses that I have met because of Stella & Dot. They took a flyer, a Look Book, a moment to hear about what S&D is all about, and invited me into their home to share the experience and the shiny things that girls love with THEIR friends. I appreciate the trust, the warm welcome, the hugs I always receive after a show and the new friendships I have developed. To you, I thank you as well.

The vendors that will be at the event on November 5th also understand the importance of giving thanks to their customers. I asked each vendor to provide an exclusive offer that our guests can't just get everyday. I wanted the offer to be special. I also wanted to do a drawing for all those that make it to the event. We all have busy lives and it's difficult to make it out to certain events. I wanted to reward those that do and increase their chances of winning something if they can RSVP by this Sunday, October 30th.

I am offering:
Stella & Dot
$10 off your order + free shipping on orders over $100.
PRIZE: Plume Brooch ($17)

$10 off your order isn't much but when you can get a pair of earring for $24, that's not bad. Half of our line is under $50. Also, I normally only provide this offer when someone orders $50 or more on goods. Spend $100 more and I'll take care of shipping.

The Plume Brooch is about to be discontinued. What I love about offering discontinued pieces is that eventually, no one else will be able to get it anymore. When someone compliments you on your Plume Brooch, touch your thumb to the end of your nose, stick your other four fingers up in the air and wiggle them, because it'll be sold out. They'll want what they can't have, but you do!

My goal for this event is to open up my home, see friends, family, customers and hostesses of mine before the craziness of the holidays, meet the same sort of folks according to these great vendors, provide relaxation with a glass of wine and a complimentary massage. And just like my bartending days, I just love putting smiles on people's faces.

I do hope you can make it. Please at least try. I look forward to hearing from and/or seeing you.

Hugs and love,

Other offers & raffle prizes include:

Certified Massage Therapists Lori Yap & Sarah Dahlheim
Will provide 10-15 massages on day of event
PRIZE: Two (2) 90-minutes massages ($110 ea.)

Mary Kay, Christina Vela, Independent Beauty Consultant
Purchase of $40 or more & get a free gift plus a free skin Analysis valued at $100. Shipping & gift wrap is always complementary.
PRIZE: Lotus and Bamboo Spa collection ($50)

Gold Canyon
Buy a warmer, get a scent for free
PRIZE: 8 oz. candle in your choice of scent

Sweetpea & Lovebug
Buy 3, get 1 free
PRIZE: Tooth Fairy Pillow ($9)

Thirty-One Gifts
For every $31 spent, get the Littles Carry-All Caddy for $1
PRIZE: Littles Carry-All Caddy

doTerra Essential Oils


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