#250KChallenge2018 - Week 3

I’m writing this on a stationary bike and checked Twitter to see what week I was currently on! I didn’t know it was Week 4! That means I was slacking on writing up on Week 3 of the #250KChallenge2018 by BodyBuilding.com and Optimum Nutrition. So here you go! How is everyone else doing on this challenge?

Still in Mendocino, California with plans to do one more wedding venue visit with my Bride and Groom. But they were still sleeping, so I got up, took a shower, put Bevo in the car with me to hunt for breakfast. I called a place that had great reviews to see if they were dog friendly. Negative. We headed down the street anyways. 

There, we explored Fort Bragg. Look at how huge that tree is!

I got breakfast to go, picked up the Bride and Groom and headed out to Pacific Star Winery for wine tasting and meeting with the owner. It’s a steal! Ask me about booking your wedding here. I know, wine. Not really beneficial to this challenge. Should I mention we also stopped off at Navarro Vineyards too? So guilty. 

Tired from the weekend, I had to do some kind of activity and with having to go back to work, I did some moves at home with my Fit & Thick bands and had a nice hike up the hill on Powell Street in San Francisco to the Stanford Court Hotel. That alone is a workout. 

Work out sesh with my neighbor, Kim. Though not pictured here. I love her ‘I hate you’ face for giving me two or three more reps and add more weight.

Had lunch with a new friend, a salad thank goodness. I was about to jump on a plane to Barcelona with Court Court. And a lot of wine and whiskey was going to be consumed.  It’s research!

We landed in Barcelona and got settled in our cute AirBNB and headed out for dinner. But first churros!! And they were the best churros I’ve ever had in my life. It was so good, I got six small pieces to take home after an amazing dinner at Pepita. I think only one piece actually made it home in the paper bag. The rest were in my belly. 

We hit our luke warm hot tub, moved to the sauna and had some wine and went to bed.

The next day we hit up the Sagrada Familia and had to run to the other end of the basilica to make our entrance window that we were already late for. That is so unlike me as a planner but we made it because we channeled our inner Speedy Gonzalez! Court Court loved me for that one.

It was windy and so cold. We couldn’t wait to go inside. And it was absolutely stunning.

We had dinner at a so-so restaurant and made our way to the hotel I stayed at five years ago with my Cugino. There I saw a flyer for the Ice Bar. We walked that way and found it. But not before I had a similar photo I took of my Cugino with this same lobster in the background. 

The Ice Bar was fun. It was -9 degrees and they give you a jacket and gloves  to wear, serve beverages in glasses made of ice and play music. Typically there are no ins and outs but it wasn’t busy so they let me buy another round of whiskies. 

Next we went to Shoku, by recommendation of our Bay Area friend that was in town for business. We had dinner, paella and two bottles of wine and stayed for the club in our very casual tank tops, jeans and my Brooks running shoes. It was sooo much fun! We got our cardio in and walked miles and miles that day. I think that counts as a work out. 

Oh and the men! Love Barcelona!

Actually making it to bed at 6 am, 9 pm in California, it was A-ok. The next day we got up past noon and went to lunch nearby. We were not ready to be out in the world. We went back to our spot and went back to bed until dinner in a different neighborhood at 9:30 pm.  I may or may not have had a pitcher of sangria to myself.  It was an easy day in Barcelona. No work out. Oops.


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