Last Days in Kauai - Day 5 & 6

It's always sad to wake up in Hawaii knowing that you'll soon have to leave this beautiful place.  One thing I won't miss are the bug bites I've been getting. I'm sure they'll miss me. I'm allergic, swell up and scar from them. It's not hot whatsoever. Instead of moping around about the inevitable, I might as well face it and get out of bed and enjoy the time I have with my family. That day we were heading to drop off Shanti and friends at a spot to start their stand-up paddle practice to Hanalei, go to Princeville to pick up a car they had purchased, and then meet the ladies back in Hanalei for the paddling races. With this trip and like our trip to Maui, I almost made it entirely around the island Kauai.

We loaded up the cars and headed to the East side. They showed me the area where they used to live, the area I was at early the morning before and even Ben Stiller's house at one point. I kept Sol company as Shanti and friends got in the water and started practice. She was training for a 7-mile race the following month. We then jumped back in the car and headed to Princeville, a ritzy area that's more of like resort, statues in the middle of ponds, a golf course and beautiful The Ritz Carlton Residences. Must be nice. Pablo took care of the car stuff and I played with Sol in this big open field. We played tag, I swung him around, we laughed, counted birds, ran and just had a ball. It's so wonderful to be a kid and be able to enjoy yourselves without technology or toys.  Kids nowadays need to use their imaginations and be whatever they want to be in a wide, open field. It can also help decrease the amount of overweight children we have today. Do your part, Parents. Check out this site call Get Active.
Let's Move

I was to be the first driver of the new Mazda and I drove it out to Hanalei. When we got there, it looked like it was going to rain. I have never been on a beach for that long when it rained. There was a lot going on with this event. There were many races for different teams, classes and sexes. It was great to spend more time with Sol and to let Pablo and Shanti enjoy themselves.  I just wanted to relax and enjoy the day before heading back to my crazy life in the Bay Area. I met quite a few of their teammates and one of them had a little baby. I believe his name was Cameron. Sol was doing alright and the mother wanted to eat or had to race or something. I was holding Cameron told her that he'd be alright with me. I completely felt that I could handle a 6-month and a 2-year-old at once. I was keeping Cameron happy and calm, and feeding Sol snacks and water. I can do this. Most women are natural caregivers. Cameron also liked my Stella & Dot jewelry, as babies tend to love shiny things. I eventually had to give back the baby but Sol went down for a nap and I loved keeping his safe and warm as it continued to rain. He was in good hands.

The Wanderlust Bracelet - $39 - Benefiting breast cancer research in October 2013

After the races, more shopping was done in town and we grabbed something to eat. There, we learned that Sol enjoys red onions...or was it raw lemons? What a silly boy.  Then we started our trek back to Koloa. However, we pulled over and they showed me the taro fields. Pretty crazy. And of course there were roosters all around. I got out of the car to take a photo and rushed back in because one had its eye on me. Who knows what he was going to do! We eventually made it home and I had to pack. I was leaving on a jet plane the next day.

In the morning, we all had breakfast. Shanti was telling Sol that 'Auntie B has to go to her house.' He repeated her and his eyes got a little watery, then mine got a little watery and then I shed a tear! Oh, it just killed me. I was going to miss that little boy and I definitely do. He is just such a joy and is being raised so properly by his parents. I think they're doing such an amazing job. It was so great to have this time with them. I have been meaning to come visit for such a long time. I was taken to the airport and it was so sad to say good-bye.

I had a layover in Maui where I had to continue work on the Carmel wedding over a blended, fruity cocktail. And since I never did get a piece of jewelry on Kauai, I purchase a pink plumeria ring from Maui Divers Jewelry.

And then my connection to Oakland departed and I was sad to leave Hawaii, but happy to come home to my Puppy Love.


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