March Madness!!!

Have you filled out your bracket yet? I have never been big on college sports. I am more so a University of Texas fan (given our dog's name is Bevo and my fiance went there and is a die-hard fan). I do agree with DB in that college football is a bit more entertaining to watch versus the NFL because you get to watch players grow into professionals. They're going to make mistakes but they're also going to shine and not make plays because they're not making big money, or trying to land endorsement deals. You'll get to see the hard work and the pure talent they showcase for the love of the game, for the team, for their school and to make it to the pros. I would say the same goes for college basketball though I never gave it too much of my time.

I am a Sacramento Kings fan, moreso than a Warriors fan being a Bay Area native but I do not follow the sport like I did six years ago and before. I still have an unworn Mike Bibby #10 jersey hanging in my closet. Before the Kings, I was an Orlando Magic fan with Penny Hardaway and Shaq.

As you can see, DB selected the winners and we're hoping for Ohio State to go all the way! We're Texas fans but don't have them going all the way. Shame on us?? This will be my first year watching more than just a few college basketball games. As the Marketing Manager, I remember laying out on our office floor at City Beach filling out the huge bracket we needed to hang up in the restaurant. Good times.

Who's winning it all for you?


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