Flo Gets Married - A Bad Girls Club Special

The bi-sexual Albanian bad girl from Oxygen's season 4 of The Bad Girls Club in Los Angeles was filmed prepping for her traditional wedding in New York to her fiance, Patriot. AND, she's also pregnant! The one-hour special aired last night, February 28, 2011, in place of a new episode of Season 6 of the Bad Girls Club.

Flo was 26 at the time of filming Season 4, from Staten Island, one of of my favorites, and no doubtingly a Bad Girl. It's nice to see women with some experiences as an adult on the show, rather than the current season who are mostly 21 years of age. She wasn't called 'old' once as Char has been called many times this season. Clips that I fondly recall from her season was the fight between her and Amber where she was pushed into a pool and injured her ankle. She grabbed Amber by the hair and flung her across the pool side. That was nuts! She was also that one that said "Shut the front door" in disbelief instead of "Shut the F up." Of course I don't know her personally but I thought she could be a good friend but wicked if you crossed her. There's a reason why she made the cut to be on The BGC.

I was looking forward to seeing her special as a fan of The BGC and as an Event Planner. The first season of The Love Games show was a spin off and aired last year. The next season of Love Games airs April 18th with Lea from Season 6, Natalie Nunn from Season 5 and Amber B. from Season 3 (Sarah Michaels' season). 'Flo Gets Married' was the first show focused on one former cast member. Although it's for a one night, it's still the first. Natalie Nunn will have her own show called "I Run LA".

As a bi-sexual, she told herself that when she falls in love, it doesn't matter if it was a man or woman, she's all in. And so she did. Got pregnant and decided that she was going have a traditional Albanian wedding. This meant going along with certain traditions I am not familiar with.

1) The future mother-in-law chooses the wedding dress. - Hmmm. I think she did a good job of going along with this. I bet women all over the country were shaking their heads at this. Personally, I lucked out because my future M-I-L has great taste. I definitely want my M-I-L there when I pick out my dress but given that she's on the other side of the country, I'm not sure it's going to happen.

2) The bride moves into the in-laws' house. - One of the things Flo brought with her was a promotional poster of the entire cast of her season. The M-I-L said she couldn't put it up in her room because people will see it. Flo obliged. I can understand about the poster. It is, after all, the in-laws' house. It wasn't clear how long the married couple had to live there after the marriage ceremony.

3) The bride is to serve coffee and tea to guests. - They called a new Albanian wife a Barbie Doll Slave. My eyes got so wide after seeing the training session Flo had. She had to serve tea and coffee on a tray. Mix it while properly postured. Serve the men first, then women. Be sure to not turn your back or show disrespect to the group upon exiting the room. AND all this while wearing a gown. That's one serious tea party if you have to wear a gown when you're acting as a servant. I wonder how long a new bride would have to do that. I believe she'd have to start doing this the day after wedding. For me, uhm, NO.

4) The groom picks up the bride on the day of the wedding. - Honey, meet me at the alter. Thanks.

5) The bride's parents escort her to the car, as a sign of giving her away, and do not attend the wedding. - I found this quite interesting. Flo lost her father when she was young. Her mother was definitely having a hard time with deciding not to attend and follow the traditions. I am not very close to my mother but she's invited to my wedding. If she decides not to attend, I can't force her to do so.

6) The newlyweds consummate the marriage with people outside the door. - Oh my! This reminds me of the episode of from The Tudors when the King ordered his beautiful sister to marry an old man and people were in the room as proof of consummation.

It was good to watch. I have never been or worked on an Albanian wedding so the exposure to the culture and additional knowledge is very much appreciated. Flo, I wish you nothing but happiness and a beautiful and healthy newborn.

Flo can be found on Twitter at @FloBGC.

What did you think of the show?
Which cast member should Oxygen do their next special on and why?


  1. Thanks for sharing. I love the Bad Girls Club. I honestly cannot believe that Flo got married and is having a kid. She seemed a little volatile. I liked her though.

  2. Best wishes to you Flo! You made my wife's night responding to her email! ;)) Ty

    Troy & Pam /Seattle Wa

  3. ugh! i have the same name as her..euw

  4. Why you go anonymous then you dont got the balls putting your name there?.. your tough man talking so big infront of a screen hiding nice man if you had the guts you'd put up a picture and name of your panzy ass hater...


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