Found My Engagement Photos Photographer!

That didn't take very long at all. I did touch base with UrLoved Photography but our schedules weren't working out. As stated in my recap of the Valdez wedding, they are excellent to work with, produce great photos and are quite reliable. However at this time, our schedules didn't work out. They were pretty booked! Get on it, Folks, and book your session with them.

So what I did was post an ad on Craigslist for a TFCD (Trade For CD) of images: My time in exchange for a CD of photos, or back then, for prints (TFP). This is how I started modeling back in my early 20s for fun. I didn't start modeling because I thought I was hot stuff or had a unique look. I did it for fun and if something came out of it, great! But it was for the experience and I'm not shy in front of the camera at all. So why the hell not? I did get my photos on the cover of two books, a CD cover for a band, did fashion shows, was an extra in a few music videos (including Michael Jackson's 'Cry' video - Downtown San Francisco, but you can't see me) and independent films.

ANYWAYS, I posted my ad stating what I was looking for. There are new and experienced photographers out there just looking for experience, wanting to try a new genre of photography, or just to update their portfolio, or people that were just like me that did it as a hobby. And of course, like everyone and their mother, someone has an opinion and I received a nasty email from a so-called photographer that didn't want to leave their name, or showcase their talented work to me, saying I am insulting them (photographers) by wanting work for free. I wonder how many photographers posting TFP but requiring nudity get these sort of emails. Little that these people know, that I am a gracious person and they're work will be greatly rewarded and appreciated.

I received quite a few responses to my ad and found a great photographer that I can't wait to unveil his work to you all.

Don't let opinionated people get you down. Never be afraid to ask for what you want. You never know who's willing to give it to you.

Have you had a Craigslist nightmare?


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