Making Strides Against Breast Cancer 2010 & Locks of Love

I have been wanting to do something different for a couple of reasons. I wanted a new change for my 30th and I wanted it to be beneficial to more than just myself. I went up to Seattle for a quick 2.5 day trip in September with Christy to visit our mutual friend and former coworker, Dr. Christine, aka Shoe. While we were there, I spotted a salon called Habitude down the street from where Shoe lives, and I decided to chop off my hair. I sat in the chair of a girl that just moved there from Texas and she reminded me of a former colleague I worked with in my advertising days. I chopped off my hair and donated it to The Locks of Love. This was my second time donating my hair.

My last photo with long hair with Indiana.

Measuring - about 13" was cut off.

First cut

Detached for a good cause

Representing Habitude in Ballard

And Locks of Love thank you card. It was completely worth it.

As seen in my previous posts attempting to raise money for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, the following photos are from the event for TEAM LAGADE! A smaller group this time but we definitely still made a difference.

Making our Team Lagade sign honoring Auntie Gi and Cousin Natalie.

Starting point

My Sis

Team Lagade


And just one photo from 2006, reppin' my City Beach shirt.

December 14, 2010
Today, I am sending in my collection of Yoplait lids to help raise $.10 for every lid to fight against breast cancer. Every dime helps.


  1. What a great cause. I saw something like this on tv. The new hair looks great!


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