I Won Two FREE Tickets!

So, it appears I won 3rd place in the promo contest for Los Lonely Boys’ newest album. I won two free tickets to any concert. I still haven’t redeemed last year’s winnings for a promo concert for their ‘1969’ album. I won four tickets for that contest. I still got the marketing skills I guess. If I were to use them, I’d probably use ask for tickets if they were going to play at a winery like Ironstone in Murphys, CA. Their tickets are really expensive and it’s a huge venue! I am very tempted to go to Texas for a show as I’ve never been and WIN’s headquarters are there where they do college training sessions. So we shall see. I’ve never been to Texas.

Here are photos from this year’s Cache Creek show and getting to chat with them outside. The year before is when they sang me Happy Birthday. I was in tears. Such a memorable birthday. Gotta love these guys.

Tasina & I
A very good friend and we do road trips often together for concerts.

JoJo & I.
Notice Ringo in the back. I didn't get to have a photo with him.

Henry & I

JoJo and the gang

And my Birthday song – September 2009

Forever a fan and a supporter!

NEXT: Headed to Vegas for Turkey Weekend. The last time I was there was when they played poolside at the Hard Rock.


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